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April 23, 2011

Well..i actually came back Friday morning around 2 a.m. and then i was too wiped out on Friday afternoon when i woke up at 2:30 p.m. to post. So here I am, on a lovely Saturday, wearing my pajamas, finishing my cereal, and reading Seventeen magazine.
Sooo the trip!
The trip was ah-mazing. I honestly don't regret going, I had the most amazing experience! (for all who don't know, I went on an East Coast trip with my class from 4-14-11 ~ 4-12-11) I made sooo many new friends (even though we were already classmates...we didn't really talk before) AND I bonded and got closer to my current friends(: Plus, i kinda miss the east coast...or is it all the fun i had..
It's kind of depressing think that, once we all go back to school, none of us will talk to each other again...or maybe we will.
offf couuurse, i took some pictures for you all(: Argh. I forgot to take pictures with my roomates -.-
I couldnt do a daily outfit of the day picture mostly because we were always rushing out the door, so i didn't really have time. But i'll have captions down below with the picture, so it won't be that confusing.

First Stop in Washington D.C.! Mount Vernon, home of George Washington(:

He had quiitee a lot of animals (he also had lambs...but I'm too lazy at the moment to put them up)

mhmm..there i am, in my awesome sunnies(:

THE WHITE HOUSE! =O well..the back of the White House. NEvertheless, so prettyyy~

ahh yess, my bed hair. I took a pic bcuhs i love ittt♥ My hair's all wavy like(: Love it. SO CUTE. hahah, yeah..i took it in our bathroom mirror.

*nods* Yes. Yes it is a plate full of napkins. Oily napkins to be exact. From what exactly? Oh. From our pizzas. -.-
We ate pizza for lunch, and it was GREASYYY and so we blotted it with our napkins and THAT'S how much napkins we used. bleh. pretty good pizza though.

BUBBA GUMP SHRIMP FACTORY♥ I LOVE that place now! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I never went because i thought all they had were shrimp (I don't eat shrimp). AND Forrest Gump is one of my all-time FAVORITE♥ movies(:
(OH, and above this picture was the yummy cheesburger i ate(:)

sighh. I loved this masquerade mask(: Sooo prettyy. I didn't buy it though. . .

My blurrryy (sorry!) picture of the outfit that I wore for The Lion King (Broadway Play)
[black dress, jean jacket, infinity scarf, and red converses(:]
haha, it's, as my friend said, street-fancy(;

ahhh, our gorgeous view from our hotel room in New York.

Me nd mah frieeend(: Love ya~

oh yeah, my awkward "photo shoot" in the bathroom @ the airport.
Wearing: Snoopy shirt (F21), tour jacket, jeans, red converses, white watch, "shirl" bracelet, and with pink clutch. YUP(;

oh yeah, i bought two bags of this (notice, 2 for $3) on the first day of the trip, and it lasted until the last day(; I was OBSESSED with these. omg, yumminess. (:♥

 Didya like dat? haha sorry i would have put more pictures of New York or something, but this post would be a page long -.-


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