Another Wall? ..wait. What?

April 9, 2011

Yes. Yes, there is another wall(: I happen to have a lot of walls at my house >.<
haha, hey guysss! how's it goinnggg?
I apologize about these photos, there aren't very many because I was in a hurry and had to go to my friend's house to work on this super exciting project(: (don't worry! I'll have a LOT of pictures!)

BACKGROUND: So it was supposed to rain today. it sprinkled for like 5 minutes. SOOO i was totally prepared for the rain. THAT is the reason for so many layers today(: enjoooy!

What's going on in Shirley's head "ooOohh..OH LOOKS IT'S AN ANT! wait. act natural act natural"
i am just wearing a superrrr cozy, warm A & F sweatshirt, and underneath that, i'm wearing a cami with a purple long v-neck over that. I paird this with some skinny jeans, my beat-up converses, and a wanna-be infinity scarf(<--tutorial on that! maybe...)

NEXT! I must say. I am quite really proud of myself for this creation. I NEVER. EVER! saw anyone wear a button like this before(:
So's a very creative piece made with a bobby pin, and a vintage button(: [TUTORIAL ON THAT TOOO MAYBEE!]

Top: (purple v-neck) Old Navy
Cami: Forever 21
Hoodie: Abercrombie & Fitch
Jeans: Ross (Brand: 2BWU)
Shoes: Journey's (Brand: Converse)
Button: from a button bag...

P.S. LOOK! A sneak peek at what this "project" is! We were making roses out of pink and white mesh(:

Ok ok...i know. it's not as awesome as you thought it would turn out to be. but hey. first time! haha ttyl~

Okay! So i really hope you guys enjoyed that, and DEFINITELY. FOR SURE. More posts tomorrow tooO!
haha kay, it's like 12:10 a.m. right now -.-




  1. Well thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I read your profile and I love modern family, as well! LIKE REALLY LOVE IT! I also love fashion. My dream of being a fashion designer really didn't go as planned but that was because of my decisions. but as for many advice from me to you - Reach for those stars, girl! ♥

  2. awww you adorablee love your hair :) im your new follower hope you'll follow me back :) xoxo


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