Awkward Addiction...+ SHOUT OUTS(:

April 24, 2011

Awkward addiction of mine? Well..I suppose it's not "awkward" but it's very hmm..obsessive. haha, well i'm a huge fan of photography and I've only really started the beginning of 7th grade. So I just wanted to share some pictures that I took from my East Coast trip! I've been playing around with the focus and such, but I wish I had my friend's camera -.- She can change the colors to blank + white and only allow one color to show..yeah. That probably made no sense at all...well, here are the pictures(:
Enjoyy~ (ahh yes, I forgot to mention, my photos are nature-based because I just feel so inspired and know?)

oOOoohhh..i didn't realize how pretty the sky was when I took this(:

once again~ Pretty sky♥


cool huh?

Okay, this isn't from my east Coast trip, it's actually from my local towne center.

This flower has these tiny little flowers in it tooO~ It's pretty blurry because I ran away when I saw the bee -.-

haha, OHOHOOHHO!!!! Shout out! Shout out to my two friends(: You guys should go check dem outtttt. and

MMkay, I will leave you all to your lives nowww(:



  1. Oh my, I love you Shirley! Thanks for the shout out! I owe you eternally. ;)

  2. Thanks for the follow! Your blog is super cute, LOVE that pic of the rope, and yea about the movie, I never followed any of the twilight stuff so I was like, I guess I'm team Jacob?? haha!

  3. Hey Shirley,
    Sorry I didn't get back to you until now! I really like your blog - the photography, especially! Did you visit Gettysburg on your trip? A few of those landmarks looked familiar... :) Anyway, thanks for the sweet comment; I'm now a follower!


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