Day of cat thinks she's a dog?

April 10, 2011

Today I woke up around noon(: PRettyyy late. haha, I ate some breakfast whoops. meant lunch(;
and I went on the computer to catch up on some stuff. THENN I decided to work-out. So i got my Wii-Fit out, and i starting doing some Aerobics, Strength Training, Yoga, Balance Games. Well. Basically all of them. I was working out in sweats at first, but i got SO hot after, that I actually changed into a tank top and some athletic short shorts. yayy!(:

I had fooood(:
yUm. SOOo goood(: Not that good at first though..but good overall(:

haha, MY LAST RED VELVET CUPCAKE♥ *tear I love love lovee red velvet. sighh(:
Anddd a box of 50 chocolate chip cookies = O
Noww, for a random picture of my cat, Buttercup(:

"wOOf! Look mama! I'm a dog!"
haha, my cat was rolling on the ground like a dog -.-
It's only in time that she'll learn she's a cat. not a dog.

Gotta go to bed noww(:



  1. You are waaay too cute.
    I seriously wish I could have some strawberries and nutella. Annnd, my kitty does that same thing. I swear she's a dog.

  2. Oh God. I am gonna raid your house and find me one of those!

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