Fashion Show (Part 2)

April 30, 2011

So this is Part Dos *wink wink* of the Fashion Show! Which basically means that this is the second show. Please check out Part 1 if you havent alreadyyy(;
Today was so much more..chill. There was a lot of free time, so we had some fun with the makeup(:

So here are just some pictures~ I have some of our model and such tooo!
I definitely to not regret any part of this process becase it was totally worth it and was so much fuuun~ this has inspired me to make more clothes in the future so I hope you look forward to thatt, BECAUSE I AMM~ (: 

Before the show...the theme was neon or well, glow in the dark!~

Show time!

Our beauutiful model, Christy(;

We got flowers from our teacher at the endd~
Sighhh, i accidentaly deleted a couple of pictures =(


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