April 14, 2011

Hey guys!
I'm goin to be leaving to the East Coast today with my school! I can't wait, but I'm also sad I won't have internet access. =(
But anyways, today for the plane ride, I'm just wearing a plain navy blue cami with a purple longsleeve vneck over that. And just simple skinny jeans, red converses, and my usual jewelry. Sorry for no pictures! I'm kinda in a rush =/
I was opting for a causal and comfortable look and feel because my east coast tour will be starting right when we land.
okay! see you guys in a week(:


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  1. Wow! So good to know I'm not the only one who eats NUTELLA with everything! tee, hee....that stuff is so good. and I love those short boots in your previous post! I sorta live in farm country, so I could totally get away with wearing them everyday! =) Kristina J.


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