Lightmare on Fashion St(;

April 28, 2011

hey guysss(:
It's almost 11p.m. here in LA. sigh -.- still doing homework because i got home at 8 p.m.! ERK!
So today was the fashion show that I was innn (designed a dress)
yesterday was the Dress rehearsal! AH! So fun!
Lemmeee tell you how my day wenttt(:

@ 4:45 p.m., we had to be at the auditorium (show started at 6) so we can do hair & makeup + dress our models. WELL, our model was curling her hair, so she came 10 minutes BEFORE the show was about to start -.- {yes. I believe I was having a nervous breakdown} Luckily, we got her dressed in about 3-5 minutes {woot! Nothing bad happened to the dress!} and apparently, she got her makeup done by someone backstage {shrugs}. So that was goood(:
Side Note: OH! We had free food(: YuuuM
I did take pictures for you, yes i did(: I took like one picture of this dress that was super creative. OBVIOUSLY, I liked a LOT more than that. But the models were walking + it was dark = my camera not working properly. So when i tried to get a picture, it would turn out blurryyy =/ DUN WORRY thougH! There's always tomorrow because we have two shows(:

Haha, alright I got to go to bed and finish my homework nowww...sigh
pictures and longer post over the weekend(:
Good night  


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