sorrryyyy...for not posting...

April 2, 2011 AWESOME outfit that I wore on Friday...
I WILL put it on for you guys again, so I can take some quick pics of it, bcuz i was so in love with it(:

My friend's going to be coming over to my house in a bit because we're gonna make POSTERRSSS for this little boy(: haha, no. we're not doing his homeworkk. Basically, my city has this "city talent show" every year, so he's going to be dancing to DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love by Usher w/ his best friend (they're in 2nd grade). So we want to embarass him and be all "WOOOOTTTT GOOO _____!!!!!" and raise the posters up. HAHA~ sighh. funn(:

oh! the doorbell rang! gotta run! Have a nice day guyss(: [mine is all gloomy today...weird since it was like 90 degrees yesterday...]

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