April 26, 2011

So this is my outfit, from yesterday! I apologize, I took the pictures yesterday, but I didn't have time to upload and post on the blog. Sorry!
Background: haha, yes, I do realize that this outfit is pretty pink(: {also my fav color!} But I haven't worn this cardigan in a loooooonggg time, and I really had to wear it again. The day wasn't very hot, around the 70's, so i paired it with one of my favorite tanks and put this over! Hope you enjoy(:

hehe. The rose is from my backyard(: PINK! Pretty isn't it {rose}?

GAHH! I LOVE THIS PICTURE! =O Yah, I'm stepping on the rose...=/ sorry rose.

{Notice: The pretty pink rose petals on the ground(:}
MY NAILSS(: FIRST time that I've ever done this. I LOVE this lavender! It's so pretty and fresh for spring!

{point} So those are the polishes that I used...
 I hope you all enjoyeeed this post! Bcuz i had a BLAST taking these pictures with my lil' brother(: haha, well I took these myself first, but later on..we had additional pictures that were just for fun[;

Thanks for readingg♥


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  1. You're beautiful and I love your nails! Great pics!

    Nice pick Leslie Davis


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