Cooking with Shhh(: Butterbeer cupcakes♥

May 15, 2011

hey guys! On Saturday, 5-14-11, I went over to my friend's house to bake some butterbeer cupcakes! ohh yumm(: I took some pictures of the process, so I hope you enjoy! We were actually supposed to make the ganache to put it inside the cupcake, but ended up not being able to =( THEREFORE, we weren't able to make the frosting either, since it required the ganache. But, the cupcakes turned out pretty well too(:

um..yeah. you do not want to see how this was before -.- My friend and I were freaking out because we thought we were doing something wrong...(:

...and then came the result. We were instantly relieved and saw that we didn't do anything wrong. *whew*

ooooh. the suspense...

VOILA! Delicious Masterpiece(:
It's beautiful, no?
We used this recipe--> Butterbeer Cupcakes

I wanted some Cream Soda...

...and accidentally shook it -.-

=O I was so amazed at this lightin(; I was helping my friend film for a scholarshipp. yuup. Sorry if I blinded you...
alrighty, ta-ta for now my loves(:


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