Guest Blogger: Mimi~

May 22, 2011

was up~~~
i am shirley's friend, wait not best friend, wait no way, it is TRUE friends.
wait wait wait... IT'S SISTERS~~ yea yea u got that ppl?

shirley is bugging me about how i should like like write about meself so i shall

i am bored..
yes i am
that is who i am and how i roll

dont hate just love <3

I know you love me i know you care~ :D
lol jkay

im getting why to high on this.

ok ppls as you know i am kool
plain kool
later ppls. I shall meet u again.

---ahem ahem---
please excuse my "sister's" spelling errors and capitalization. hahaha, (:
Well~ Farewell my readers♥ Cya in the next post!

& Mimi


  1. -.- your cat scratched meh~ lol
    it doesnt like meh X)but its soo cute~~~

    send meh the pics yea kk

    you know who i am

    right ok :)



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