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May 10, 2011

Hi my loves♥
I apologize dearly for the lack of posts! These two weeks have been full of tests and homework. ARGH! And I'm almost done! Which means daily (hopefully) posts for you guys! yay! right? Nevertheless, I still took some pictures! (see? Even when I'm testing the test that will literally determine the college I go to, I still think of you!) Those outfits (or well..that outfit) will be in the next post! I also have some awesome exciting news too! Which is...thatt....
IDEA: I'm going to be having "Monthly Obsessions" post where I list things that I've been OBSESSED with that month. Whether it's a clothing item, food, etc. It's going to be there! (I'm going to write one soon! Because I can't wait! ^-^)

So what have I been doing these past two weeks? Ahh, well, other than studying my butt off, I was also munching on some  yummies. OH!
I've also been playing around with my adorable lil' kitty(; Ahhhh...'ere she is! 
Isn't she adorable? She was in the middle of rolling over(: She's such a doggg. haha♥

Ahh(: Good times~ haha (P.S. She says "Meow" to you guys. ahh yes. My cat holds magnificent powers)

Meanwhile, I've also been really interested in DIY projects. I've found SO many, and I'm so excited to show you all! I've made one already, and although most are jewelry, I don't mind! (: Here are some pictures. I made some feather earrings. Since they are so popular nowadays, I thought. Why not make them? Now now, before I get you all excited. No. I did not get my ears pierced yet. =( But my cousin and I are planning to over the summer. YAYY! ^-^

Okay now. They look much cuter in person. Trust me. But aren't they all so cute!? The ones on the far left are ones that I made my mom for Mother's Day(: The others are just some that I made for myself(; Fun right!? I'll make a tutorial on how to make them later! (I used this video: Feather Earrings DIY!){All my materials were bought at Wal-Mart and Michaels) Good luck! DIY on these earrings coming soon!
THOSE were super frustrating to make at first. but in the end, I was happy with my results(: I'll be making a LOT of DIYs this Spring/Summer. So I hope you look forward to that!

hmm..not much else is there? Well, please look forward to my new posts! Farewell my lovely readers♥


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