A Magical Night

May 22, 2011

Top: Wal-Mart
Skirt: Forever 21
Blazer: Forever 21
Shoes: Mom's
Bag: Ross

Helloooooooooo! Hellooooo to my cousinsss if they're reading this >.<
ahahha, well I had to go to this wedding dinner tonight, so I was supposed to dress "formally". Or well, more formal than I usually dress. So I just paired a skirt with my v-neck tucked in, and my LOOOOVEEEly blazer on top(; With nude wedges, except I opted for my neon pink high tops in the end because I was disgusted with my hideous sock tan -.-. I love the skiiiiirt(: Such beautiful florals, but it's like...tie-dye tooo(: At first when I bought it, I was thinking Tribal print. But now that I look at it closely, it's not!
Today was also my cousin's prom night(: YAYYYY! I HOPE YOU HAD FUNNN♥ of course I have  lot of picturess....but I don't know if she wants me to put them up...but she looks very very pretty(: Her sister did her makeupp~ And me and my cousin were just there to keep them companyyy!

Ahhh yes, the wedding dinner...we got goodies[:

:] Beautiful, no? We got chocolate and these wristlets that you can put on your camera or cellphone..except I can't even get it past my hand...

Well I gotta run! Byee~



  1. That is such a cute skirt! I like. And is that Ferrero Rocher?? I LOVE them! :)

  2. you are adorable.
    cute blog



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