Jump for Joy(:

June 21, 2011

Number Two

Weeee! oh joyy..

Me laughing about how weird that jump was...
Bought From..
Tank: Cotton On
Crop Tank: Cotton On
Jeans: Ross
Headband: Kohl's
Shoes: Payless

Ah yesss, typical of me to post an outfit waaayyyyy too late...obviously that doesn't count me being lazy and not taking pictures(: But yess, here we go. Here was my outfittt, i paired it with a blazer in case it got chilly (yeah...uh...it didn't.) The cropped top was soooo cute(: It's like..a zebra kind of print, and it has two layers of ruffles(: oh yeah, I wore a double braided gold headband tooo. bohemian style. oh yehh. hahaha. And I just thought the metallic of the flats just brought out the outfit a lot more(:
Enjoyyy? Hope so.



  1. love the blazer! and crop tops are the best!

    btw...the outfit contest ends July 7th. But I will post the entries in another blog post after the contest ends for a week for people to vote for their favorites. So the actual winner will be announced July 14...so I think you'll be good since u will be back after the 12th.

  2. really love the golden headband!!! good luck on the outfit contest!!



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