May Favorites♥

June 5, 2011

HEY! Welcome to a new...addition to my blog. My monthly favorites(: yeah, this is pretty much what you see on youtube, but I decided to bring it to my beautiful blog instead! So I hope you enjoy(:

The ♥ items...

1) Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarf {Orlando, Florida} and Floral Scarf {F21}
-I have just been in loooove with these scarves for the month of May! The floral scarf is so cute and lightweight = perfect for Spring! The Gryffindor one?'s just awesome(:

2) Leather Bag {Ross}
-*sighhh. I've wanted a leather bag for thee longest time! So when I saw this bag at Ross? I snatched it up(: And now I use it every single time I have to go out!

3) Blazer {F21}
-AYYY, same for this item too! I was looking for a blazer, for like, what - a couple of months already? And even though many people said they found theirs at Forever 21, I never seem to be able to see one! So when I was shopping with my cousin and saw this? Oh♥ So pretty(: I've worn it...more than 5 times now. Blazers are just so simple, sophisticated, and easy to wear♥

4) Crop Top {Cotton On}
-Lovin' crop tops this season! This is just ONE of the few crop tops that I own. I didn't wear this yet (hence, the tag) but I wore some others already. Crop tops are just soo cute and easy to wear! This one is a thin material, so it's perfect for spring and summer!

5) Leather Bracelet {Knott's Berry Farm}
-Hmm..I can see that it's not very visible, but it's just a simple leather braided bracelet that I got from Knott's Berry Farm. It has my name etched into it(: I love it so much~ I've been looking for one of these for the longest time ever! So glad that I found this.

6) Necklace {Gift from cousin and the other pendant is from China}
-Welll~ I've just been wearing this for a while now(:

7) EOS Lip Balm {Wal-Mart}
-These lip balms are SO mosturizing! They are in the cutest package too! The coral one is Summer Fruit and the green one is Honeydew(:

Well thanks for tuning in~!



  1. oo you went to cotton on? nice pick! :) i just went there for the first time and bought a top from them :) good stuff!


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