Memorial Day {Part 1}

June 5, 2011

I apologize for the incredibly late post! I've been busy with my finals and projects, so I didn't have any time to post on this blog. Although I still have one last week of finals, I do have some free time now(:
So, without furtherado, here is a little..."Follow Me Around" on memorial day.

My Memorial Day was spent at my friend's house that was up in the mountains. We went shopping and watched movies {Pirates of the Caribbean and Fast Five}.
Let's start with my outfit of that day..

Due to not bringing my tripod, I apologize for the horrible pictures. -.-
I wanted to wear something comfortable, so out went the t-shirt, shorts, blazer, and sandals.

On the way....

Such pretty scenaries.
I then arrived....
and was brought upon the news that there was a bird nest at their backyard!
So cute(:

My friend also got an old electric pianoo...

Pretty coool huhh?
Well, that's about it on what happened that first day...
check out my next post on what
It honestly canNOT get better than that.


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