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June 23, 2011

Hey all(: I made a vow on twitter (Follow me if you aren't already!--> http://twitter.com/#!/shirlovesu ) that i would be posting DAILY until the day I leave(: Therefore, here you goo.

sighh...*bliss* I remember when I used to write DAILY. Like. i mean DAI.LY. But then I stopped. Because middle school just took so much time...but now it's summer, and I graduated(: So I thought...why not? I have SO much time on my hands, I might as well continue writing(: I LOVE THIS JOURNAL♥ I BOUGHT IT JUST FOR HIGH SCHOOL {I know I know. silly me.} BUt I love it so much(: It's so inspirational, on the front cover, it says " Just follow your hear and you'll never get lost" and it's just a gorgeousss abstract design. and all the page edges are gold (fake). gwahhh so prettyyy♥
okay, 30 for 30 post tomorrow! byeeeeeee(: {Now please enjoy this picture(:}


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  1. i love keeping journals...but i never finish them haha...yay im excited for ur post tmrow!



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