HElloooo Helloooooo(:

July 15, 2011

Hi everyone!
Long time no blooog!(:
Anyways, I've been back since Tuesday, and there was a special surprise when I got back!
My cat (Buttercup) gave birth!!!! At the moment, she just gave birth to two kittens, but by the end of the night, it came to a total of six beautiful kittens! When we left for China, she was already...around 3 months pregnant, a little less, but I'm so glad she waited for us to come back to give birth(: {PICTURES AT THE END}
Anyone heard of the ISA Concert that Wong Fu Productions always has? It's in Seattle this year = I CAN'T GO! ='( This makes me uber sad, therefore my days are spent on the computer staring at the tickets. sigh. They came to my city last year, but the tix were sold out! Ohmigosh, I was heartbroken. Seemed like someone broke up with me =( I hope they come on over again next year♥
I got internet there + a laptop, but blogspot was blocked in China, so I couldn't even read some blogs. So sorry for that! And with the outfits, I'm not going to post {not because I didn't take pictures..pshh} because I just wore shots and plain v-necks the whole time during the trip. so..uh..yeah. Not much. But I've been hoping to buy the new Seventeen Styling book thing, I think it'll help me a lot with my style(: So yehh(:
BTW, does anyone know where to get a pink/coral blazer? I've been looking for one, and in the August issue of Seventeen, they said there was one from Charlotte Russe, but I couldn't find any...Any suggestions? Under $30 please(:
OH School...getting ready for that even though it's a month and more away(:
See you later♥


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  1. aw the kittens are so cute! i love cats! glad you had a good time on your trip! :)



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