Yay or Nay?: Feather Extensions Trend

July 19, 2011

*Note: I used up a lot of my time to research this trend and "topic". The list of websites I have used will be listed at the end of the post. Thank you.

Hey! I'd like to introduce you guys to a new "segment" that I'm going to be putting up on my blog. Yay or Nay(: I'll be taking the newest trends and explaining them, giving my input on whether I like them or not, etc.! So for this first segment? I'll be talking about what everyone's raving about. Feather extensions.

Coming in all sorts of colors, lengths, and prices, feather extensions are a booming new trend. Celebrities from Selena Gomez to Steven Tyler has been sporting this new trend.
You can create beautiful combinations from these feathers. From thick and thin, long and short, there's definitely a feather out there for you!
There are so many combinations that you can do! Some websites allow you to make custom combinations, but some chose it for you.
These feather extensions run from $14-$300! There are different prices for how many extensions there are in the set. You'll also have to buy the crimp beads as well as the tool to put these extensions into your hair.

My Personal Experience and Thoughts:
When Kandee Johnson and Michelle Phan did videos about feather extensions, I was in awe. I wanted to get my hands on some almost immediately! Soon after that, I would see girls with feather extensions in their hair. My friend told me that there were feather extensions at a store in my mall, I made my way down there and saw them! OH, they were so pretty(: They were honestly the color that I would have wanted! {Except for the really short feather...}When the saleslady told me the price ($22-$25 for 5 extensions) I was a bit doubtful of buying it because I wasn't in love with the combinations. My mom told me to get the cheaper ones.
Therefore, instead of buying real ones I bought the fake, clip-on ones(: I got a 6strand for $5.99 and they're just bright vibrant colors. It's really easy to clip in, and I'm pretty proud of my purchase. I'm looking forward to going back for more!

*Note: I am aware that they take real feathers off of roosters and specially bred birds. And have to kill them in order to get the feathers.

Thank you so much for reading this! I do appreciate it, and I hope you enjoyed!

What are your thoughts on feather extensions? Yay or Nay?


P.S. Blog/Youtube Clothing & Shoe sale coming upp(: {so...thinking of making a youtube channel for this}


  1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog!
    I'm following you back, your blog is really cute :)

    - Dara x


  2. Hi Shirley! I know you're probably thinking I'm the rudest person on the face of the planet, because I haven't properly replied to any of your comments or thanked you for your mentions in posts. However, I promise that I am not trying to be so rude, I've just been busy beyond belief. Well anyway, I just had to comment on this post! In my opinion, I love them, because I got some this summer. Mine are neutral colors, 1 black and brown stripe, 2 cream and dark brown stripe. I think they're a great way to bring out everyones inner bohemian and a fun summer trend. Yours sound cute, I'm jealous that you got a clip in for so cheap! Although mine are real, they were $30 each! :( Oh well, I love them.

  3. im not a fan of this trend but great blog and i like the yay or nay segment i use yay or nay all the time loll


  4. I think it would look amazing!

  5. Well, even if I'm not a big fan, why not???

  6. cool post :D maybe, i'll like it!

  7. lovely blog :))) follow you honey <3


    greets from germany !

  8. Awww, thanks for all the wonderful comments and follows♥ I really appreciate it!!!


  9. I don't think they're for me though..I feel like it would be fun one time to try but I'll be too lazy to take them off :-) xoxoxoo


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