Cropped Long

August 5, 2011

Hey everyone!(:
Today I decided to pair a pink crop top with my black/pink floral maxi dress. This was inspired by so many pictures I've seen online and in magazines. I think i pulled it off!(:

::Item List::
Crop Top: LoveCulture
Maxi Dress: Forever21
Floppy Hat: Wal-Mart
Sunglasses: Wet Seal
Flip-Flops: Old Navy
P.S. You can click on the picture for a clearer view(:

So that's it! I really do like this outfit, and I'm definitely going to be wearing it a lot more during the remains of summer. I can even wear it in the fall just by pairing it with a cardigan(:
Hope you enjoyed!♥


  1. i love the crop top over the maxi look and i love the design of the maxi dress. Pretty!!!

  2. You are just waaay too cute. I love, love, love the hat!!!

  3. Thank you for following me! Of course I want to follow you back :) I am following you with GFC now.

    Love, Maika

  4. Love your outfit! I love those hats- I bought one months ago and haven't worn it, thanks for reminding me! :)


  5. so beyond cute. love this. thanks for another amazing post. Would love if you'd check out pictures from my latest post. Thanks love. xoxo

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