Special Announcement!!! You won't want to miss this!!(:

August 24, 2011

Me and a fellow blogger have started planning something really special and exciting for all our lovely followers/viewers!!! I have collaborated with the beautiful Paige Renae to create a fall trends post for you guys!

More in detail: Basically, Paige and I will be having a mini photo shoot showing you guys what our must-haves for fall are as well as incorporating the latest fall trends into our outfits. We'll be putting together outfits, and maybe even some tips for you guys(: We're really excited to do this, and can't wait!!! We might even have a separate post of what we're wearing that one day. You'll see how much our style differs(:
Paige and I are really excited to see this and meet up! We go to the same school,  but haven't really started talking until this summer. So be on the look-out on both our blogs {which means follow her!!!} for the pictures!!! It'll be ah-mazing!<33
Have a nice day!!!

P.S. All the information in the post was not entirely accurate. We have an idea of what we're doing for the post. It might be on trends, and it might be focused on one essential item. More information will be revealed at the post. thank you. xx


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  1. Hey! Found your link on the IFB LA post!
    So great to see a fellow LA blog, following!



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