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October 29, 2011

::Shopping List::
Striped Tank Top: Target
Tribal Print Skirt: Forever 21
Braided Leather Belt: Nordstrom
Brown Platform Wedges: Payless
Ring: China
Necklace: China
Geometric Sleeveless Button Down: Thrifted
Black Maxi Skirt: Nordstrom
Brown Leather Belt: Urban Outfitters
Brown Leather Platform Clogs: Target
Brown Satchel: Gift from her lovely mom

Hey everyone!!! Once again, I'm SO sorry for the wait =( I know I said I'd try to post at least once a week, but because of tests and many outside events/activities (ehh? ehh? hahaha I'll have a post on MY BEST DAY EVER soon), I just lost track of time. Sorryy!!! 
But without further ado, I hope you enjoyed the first of the set of pictures of collaboration with the lovely Paige (from Paige Renae) and I did(: 

Paige and I have wanted to do a collaboration for a while now! And with the weather changing, we decided this would be the best time to do just that! We got together one day during the end of summer, and shot some pictures of different outfits for you guys to incorporate into your wardrobe. {yes, we suffered in jeans, leather, sweaters, and boots in 100 degree weather for you guys}.  

Now here are some ways you can incorporate these pieces into your wardrobe(:
For my look, as long as you have a simple white tank, or tshirt and ANY skirt,
just tuck it into the skirt, pair it with some wedges, flats, or even sneakers to finish this look(:
For Paige's look, there are two options.
1) If you have a maxi skirt, preferably in a solid color if not, pair it with a solid top. Pair it with a printed top tucked in. With a belt to give the waist some definition.
2) If you have a maxi dress, pair a tank top over it and belt it at the waist to give form to your figure.

I really hoped that helped! Have a nice day!!! HOPEFULLY, I will be making another post tomorrow(: Thank you and have a nice day!!!! 


  1. sweet looks <3

  2. You guys look lovely there! Great collaboration!

    xx, Crystal

  3. Cute necklace! Just my luck it comes from China.


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