Fly High

February 20, 2012

::Shopping List::
Crop Top: Love Culture
Crochet Cardigan: Tilly's
Jeans: Indigo Jeans
Flats: Payless

Good Morning/Afternoon/Night my beautiful internet users! haha, as promised, here's a blog post! Holla for consistency right? So I wore this outfit on a semi-hot day. I absolutely fell in love with this cardigan, but quickly realized that I could only wear it on hot days (not exactly the best thing to keep you warm...). 
I hope you enjoyed! See you soon!♥


  1. Ohhhh Shirley you're just so cute! ^.^ That outfit is so lovely, I enjoy how it's simple yet pretty. The cardigan is too adorbs, omg! ♥
    Hope to see you tomorrow!

  2. Love the cardigan and crop top! I wish weather didn't affect what clothes we wear...Haha :)


  3. @Paige: aww thanks bb<3 HURRY AND GET BETTER! The school is getting bland w/o your style(=

    @Amanda: thank you so much! haha, SoCal has the most unpredictable weather..ever. thanks for following!


  4. love that crochet cardigan!


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