Make Up Your Mind

April 2, 2012

f21 tank top, prince of thieves sweater, 2BWU shorts, f21 tights, TOMS,  rings(order l -> r): walmart, china, tilly's

Honestly, SoCal weather needs to make up its mind. One day it's hot, the next it's storming like there's no tomorrow. Bipolar weather. seriously. I get cold really easily, so I decided to pair a chunky sweater with shorts and tights. My mom just got me these TOMS a couple weeks ago and I'm absolutely in love with them. I have no idea why I didn't buy them sooner. I've probably worn it almost everyday this week. 
*Side Note: I'll be posting some more over spring break, which is coming up soon. I'll take some outfit pictures up where I'm staying for a couple of days.*
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  1. YOUR SWEATERRRRR!!!!<33333 Omg girl, this is such a cute outfit, I love how you can rock this shorts and tights look! Ahhhhh you're so adorable omg. Giving me ideas on how to wear my red toms ;)

  2. loving the shorts and tights combination <3

  3. love the pantyhouse and the toms!!!

  4. The big bow ring is sooooo lovely!

  5. Great Photos! xx


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