Down the Streets of LA

September 9, 2012

Top: Fashion Q Shorts: YMI Shoes: Steve Madden Sunnies: Romwe Bag: Marshall's

I apologize for such a late post. I've only been in school for two days and I'm swamped with homework already. Taking a quick break from writing 3 mini essays to type this post! 
I wore this outfit when I was out running errands in LA with my dad. We were going to make a quick stop to Sprinkles Cupcakes, but didn't, unfortunately. =(
I FREAKING LOVE THIS SHIRT! I've been looking for a shirt with collar tips for a while now and finally found one! I want to transfer these into the fall so I spent 4 hours looking for the perfect white cardigan to pair it with lol. 
I'll definitely be trying to take some more outfit pictures soon! Hopefully my teachers will cut the homework amount(; haha just kidding, that's not going to happen. 
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  1. love the pattern and color of the top! :D

  2. love the collar tips :) and omg i love sprinkles cupcakes. good stuff.
    wait til junior year, haha.

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  3. Cute look relaxed but put together. A lot of people are wearing this color in their outfit of the days...did I miss the memo look very pretty as well. RoRos World

  4. Loving this casual piece. :)

  5. I adore your top!!:) Lovely outfit! xx

  6. You look stunning, sooo cool and I really love your blouse!!
    Thanks for following, been following back! See you?!

    With love,


  7. great outfit!!! love your blog ;) i follow you now
    you can follow me if you want in:

  8. the color of the shirt is also fabulous...but i do love those tips, too! great find! good luck with school!


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    Thank you so much :)

  10. I LOVE those collar tips!!

    I'd love if you checked out my blog or even maybe followed!
    Have a great day. (:

  11. Hai Shirley
    still one of my favorit blogs <3 Love the collar can´t find something like that in germany... :(

  12. Pretty! Love the shoes <3

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