Baby Showers

January 13, 2013

Dress: H&M     Boots: Bass    Necklace: Burlington   Bracelet: gifted (Swarovski)    Bag: gifted (F21)   

Like I explained on facebook, I do apologize for the formatting of these pictures! I accidentally took the pictures in RAW form, so the quality is a lot worse =( It looks suuppeerr clear and pretty when I open it up, but once I upload it, it's like..well, this. Also the editing system I use doesn't open CR2 files. so. there's that.
I wore this outfit to a baby shower that night, okay just kidding I actually changed right after into jeans and a sweater because I was freezing. haha but if it was warmer, I would have worn this outfit(: 
ALSO, my purple hair's fading, unfortunately. I also started swim, so it's turning white-ish blonde..
But I'm swamped with homework, stress, and piano at the moment, so I do apologize if there are less posts! But I guarentee after the 3rd week of February, I'll have a lot more! 


  1. OMG gorgeous set ! the combo of dress , necklace and boots is just Perfect <3 !

    kisses ! :)

  2. love the crochet lace dress! the burgundy color is perfect! and your studded bag is sooo pretty :)

  3. Loving the oxblood color!! Thank you for visiting my blog. Anyway, I have followed you. Mind to follow back? ;)

  4. Of course we follow you, girl! Lovely dress and you did a good choice with boots.
    Thanks very much for your visit and for your comment. We are your new followers. If you want you can follow us too!

    Greetings from Canary Islands!

    P & C

  5. Thanks for your comment. I'd love for us to follow each other! I am now following you via gfc.

    Love the lace dress and the colour!

  6. Me, a style inspiration? WHAT you're 15 years old and you dress waaay better than I ever did! Haha. I wish I had your style when I was your age! I love your dress! xx

  7. Oh, love your shoes and bag! Great look!

  8. You have great style, love your purple hair too :)
    Thanks for commenting on my blog, yes Id love to follow each other. Following you now via GFC xx

  9. sorry for the late reply dear, you look great in lace dress! and love the statement necklace too :)
    thanks for the love, let me know when you are following and I'll definitely return the flavour!

  10. Hi! I'm looking for mutual followers.

  11. Hey!
    Love your outfit!
    Thx for visiting my blog!

    Sure, I'd like to follow each other! Just let me know when you'll follow me and I will follow you back!

    StyleList By Me Blog

  12. Your hair is so cool :)

  13. What a pretty lace dress! I love the color of it and your edgy accessories. Perfect!
    And good luck with the homework - its a busy time of year :/

    Trendy Teal

  14. sweet look :)
    sure we can follow each other

  15. I love your dip dye hair!
    I'm waiting you in my blog!


  16. Kinda OBSESSED with this dress and outfit. You're too adorable!

  17. Love your lace dress -its such a gorgeous colour xo

  18. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store in April!! I love this series of posts. It is fun to follow along and see all the blogs and quilts. Click here Visit Website

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