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June 11, 2013

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I could not resist the urge to insert a picture of that adorable little fluff ball up there. Isn't he absolutely adorable!? I've known him since I was a lil' girl. <3
Oh, and yes look at my glorious swim suit tan.
I wore this outfit out to lunch with my fam bam (why do people say that). It was super hot and humid that day ('s like that every day..), so I'm glad I opted for a loose basic tank top with a pair of high waisted shorts. 

P.S. I greatly despise all of you guys who are on summer break already


  1. Great outfit dear! :)
    So love the back of the shirt and the hat <3

  2. I love your short

    you look great.

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  3. So adorable Shirley, I love your hat & shoes! That dog is so precious! <3

    Dress to Express

  4. I love this outfit! And the puppy is sooo adorable :)


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