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September 4, 2013

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hey guys! It's been a while since I posted, and like usual, I'm terribly sorry about that. But my summer just consisted of SAT boot camp, and summer assignments, which is why I haven't been able to post. However, I do have several posts lined up, so hopefully I can get those out asap for you all!
Some of ya'll may or may not know that I recently went to Europe! I'll be having multiple travel diary posts if you guys don't mind(: I was originally going to take some outfit pictures there, but was only able to get one because it was so hard to find the time to due to the multiple tours we took on (tight on time). 
ALSO. Just an fyi, this blog may be going through a revamp! I haven't been wanting to post lately (not because I don't like blogging, more like I'm addicted to youtube, so if I sign in to my blogger account while on youtube, I'll have to log out because the emails are different, so when I log out to log in to blogger, I'm logged out of youtube and I yeah) and just haven't liked the way my blog layout looked. I'm meeting with one of my friends this Friday, and she's a computer something (not sure which one) major, so she'll help me with html and whatnot(: Hopefully you guys will like the outcome!
Anyways, school has started (boo), and therefore, the beginning of Hell year has begun. 

Don't forget to live.


  1. Wow Shirley! I happened to stop by your blog and I really started liking it! I hope you continue on~ <3

  2. beautiful, i love your outfit!!

  3. You look super cute! I love your simple style. It's so pretty! x

  4. Love this looks especially the boots! I have recently found you blog and I'm glad that I did. I'm your newest follower and really look forward to more posts from you. If you like, please check out my blog as well at xxx

  5. looking cute with jacket and cool black boots.

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  6. Nice outfit!

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