Let the Chips Fall Where They May

November 3, 2013

 t o p | ross     a n o r a k | f21      s k i r t | f21      b o o t s | bass

I have this weird relationship with fate. I want to control it, but I also want it to go where it should go. I'm one of those people who believe that no matter what you do to try to counteract something that's supposed to happen, it won't matter. What's supposed to happen, will happen...and we can't control any of that.

Last Sunday was the first day it actually felt like Fall. But then the weather was like HAHAHAHA 67 DEGREE WEATHER IN THE MIDDLE OF OCTOBER IN CALIFORNIA? HECK NO LET'S GO BACK UP TO 90 DEGREE WEATHER. So. Yeah it's been high 80s and 90s lately. 
I played with layering, a tooonnnn in this outfit and I really liked how it turned out! I've been looking for an anorak for FOR-DAMN-EVER, so I was so freaking happy when I finally found one that I liked. 
I'm probably the worst blogger in the wooorlldd. I've been starting to focus more on my youtube channel now, but my roots go back to blogspot, so I can't just leave it! I also have this weird love for blogging. I guess you could say I have a weird love for talking to myself? 


  1. lovely!! very pretty :)


  2. you have a perfect style! love it. love the outfit so much! over here it's starting spring :)
    following your awesome blog! hope you can follow me back if you want too
    have a nice week and good luck with that you tube channel!!!


  3. Your skirt is perf!!

    Madison Martine

  4. Loved the post ^_^ Thank you so much for sharing!

    I am following you on GFC now...Hope you will follow me back too!


  5. Dang 80-90 degree weather?! So warm! But glad you still get to layer, especially with that cute jacket. I LOOOOVE IT. It looks so pretty with the lace top :)


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