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January 5, 2014

I recently found a store called PersunMall and boy am I in love. These are my recent finds from their store that I (obviously) want in my closet. Preferably now. 

1. Daisy is all the rage right now. Seriously. I even changed my tumblr url to daisyyqueen. Don't shoot me. This super casual dress reminds me of Brandy Melville's overpriced goodness. Sorry for the low quality picture! It looks better on the site, trust me.
This dress would look so cute with a sweater paired over it, thigh-high socks, and doc martens. Perfection.

2. My jaw literally dropped when I saw this dress. It's so sophisticated and chic, but the peplum at the bottom gives it a playful feel too. I NEED THIS OK. (P.S. Zara had a dress like this as well, but it sold out! SOO)

3. Everyone. And I mean e v e r y o n e needs a sparkly sweater that you can just whip out when you have no idea what to wear (like, ahem, New Years Eve?). This sweater also has a tulip back with a white chiffon slip under.

4. Literally to DIE for. 

5. Every girl needs an LBB to go with their LBD.

6. These are a dupe for the uber pricey JC Coltrane boots. Cheaper, and it's still really cute!

Be sure to check out these items and the store! They have a LOT more things, and they're all really affordable that I'm trying to restrain myself from spending all of my Christmas money on it. 


  1. HAHAHAHA I love what you wrote for number five :D And ooo I love the daisy dress. I'm too poor for brandy melville right now LOL so that's a good substitute.

  2. follow you
    hope you follow me too

  3. i love the shoes number 4 ;)

  4. great wishlist, those items are wonderful!

  5. I agree! Such pretty items and love espeially the platform boots!! xo akiko
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  6. Love the shoes!! Thank you for stopping by!

    Come back soon to visit me on The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

    Evi xoxo


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