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May 26, 2014

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This day was so much funn!!! We went to Versailles, which was...I could it be anything short of amazing? The garden was ABSOLUTELY beautiful, and I really wish we had more time, because I actually wanted to walk through the entire garden...
After Versailles, we actually had over 2 hours to stroll the Parisian streets and go shopping! ((no pictures here because I was too busy trying to cure my shopping deprived self)) My friends and I first stopped by a crepe stand and bought 3 crepes (a biit excessive, but hey. when in Paris, am i riGHT LADIES?) 

We got one that was nutella+banana, sausage+cheese+egg, and bacon+cheese+egg. GIRL. 10/10 would recommend all of them. Of course, being the person with the highest expectations for shopping; I ended up with nothing. Yep. Story of my life.
It ended up raining towards the end as we rushed to the restaurant that we were eating at that night. We LITERALLY ate in the basement. It was the size of a hotel room. I mean, I guess it was cool, but at least the food was interesting! 

UM. Now we went to the train station aka the beginning of probably one of the most...memorable? moments of my life? We spent 13 hours in an overnight train. Yeah, that sounds fine. bUT IT'S NOT. Not when you're living with 5 other people in a room that should probably only be allowed to fit 4. It was an experience, but definitely one that I wouldn't want to do all over again.
But there's always a bright side right? 
Venice, here we come! 


  1. You look so cute!!! I looove that jacket :) Jealous jealous of the crepes!!! ahhhh the nutella banana one sounds fab

  2. Your jacket is amazing! Really have been wanting something similar but can't seem to find one I am in love with! Boo :(

    Lovely post! Still so jelly that your in Europe! Hopefully one day I'll get around to going!


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