Where's the Queen At

May 3, 2014

Nando's, selfies with the Queen (kind of...), fish & chips, and One Direction...literally the perfect day.

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Today we started off by picking up our local tour guide, Pepe. Who was; in a word, perfect. He was so witty, funny and absolutely British; it was wonderful. 
Our first stop was Buckingham Palace, and though we weren't able to spend a ton of time there (more like 5 minutes), it was amAZING to finally see it in person. The Queen wasn't there though. BUT she was at Windsor Castle, which was our next stop! It just happened that I was taking the first outfit pictures, when the guards started changing; hence my selfie with one of them (& the Queen, since she was staying at a room directly behind the guard's head so you know, technically...)

DID I MENTION THAT I FINALLY TRIED NANDO'S. It was as magical and delicious as everyone claims it to be. 

Also got to eat my first "traditional" fish & chips, which was...exactly that. Literally just fried fish and french fries. We ate it in a local pub, and there was a soccer game going on at the time (Chelsea vs. Sunderland), so it was LOUD. But I loved it. 
We also did a Jack the Ripper walk, which was really cool, but I kind of wish we used that for free time instead, but what's done is done, and I mean..it was cool so.

While we were around London, we went on Tower Bridge, and I was INTERNALLY SCREAMING AND BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS because maH BOYS. MY BOYS. C l i m b e d  u p  t h i s  b r i d g e. 

But what was super cool was that as we drove on it, it actually opened! I mean, Pepe was pretty upset with it ("Shit!" was the word he went for), but then he was like "OH yeah, I forgot you guys were tourists. I'm not like riding on my bike on the way to work or something." Yep. 

P.S. This leather jacket will be in basically all of my outfits. 

xx shirley


  1. Your so lucky! I want to go to England one day!

    Love your outfit, so casual and cute and that leather jacket is lovely!

    sounds like you had a lot of fun today!


  2. Wait, when'd you go to England?

    And also, I actually like that outfit. It's like the stuff I wear everyday.


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