October 27, 2014

Dress: Forever 21  /  Sweater: c/o cndirect  /  Leather Jacket: c/o The Style Club LA  /  Shoes: c/o The Style Club LA

My brother helped me film this look for my Fall Lookbook that's coming up! Too bad that I actually filmed an outfit that was this EXACT THING (except for the top) a month ago. I know. Wonderful.

This outfit kind of evokes Senior Year. Black and dark is the majority of the outfit to show the death of my high school career, and the white shows my still innocent soul. I took it in a forest-y like area (green), to show the growth that I have gone through. The light from the sign is bright and shows goodness. (:
Okay that may be pushing it, but if you were wondering what AP Literature is like, that's pretty much it.

How did you guys manage to survive your senior year of high school?


  1. Senior year is actually killing me right now like aren't the classes supposed to be easier and more enjoyable? And let's not even start on college apps oh man.
    Love this outfit by the way, I'm freaking obsessed with your boots (:

    not haute

  2. I just kept reminding myself it would be over soon and i'd be in the real world! Good luck! love your outfit! Just found your blog.
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  3. Amazing outfit! Love it!!!



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