Tree Climber

March 7, 2015

Sweater: Forever 21 (gift)  /  Skirt: c.o Lucky 21  /  Shoes: Report (Ross)  /  Bag: Ross

These pictures were actually taken when I went to visit the Occidental College campus! At the time, I was planning to apply and attend, but I decided not to. I loved the campus but it didn't have a major that I potentially wanted to get into (Communication). It's a beautiful school though!! It was also the set of Clueless, which, I KNOW. I was internally freaking out. 
Also don't my eyelashes look LONG!??!?!
Update on Senior Year: I think I've officially caught Senioritis. Honestly though, it's pretty amazing how long I've held out. School has just gotten to be so boring and such a routine that I'm finding it hard to hold interest in it. Well, only 3 or so more months to go!!


  1. Love the skirt! You look amazing! great choice of clothes. Also, you all should checkout they are a new up and coming boutique that has been getting alot of buzz lately its also reasonably priced. They also have free shipping Fridays.


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