Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2015 Picks

July 11, 2015

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Let's be honest, this is probably the 8th "Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks" post that you've read today. But before you go- believe me. The hype is definitely real.

With an abundance (extreme emphasis on this) of items ranging from a beautiful thick wool coat to a chic phone case, this sale will meet anyone's needs. Here's some info:

Starting today through July 16th, Nordstrom card holders get early access to the sale! It's open to the public on July 17th. It's basically a huge sale on NEW fall merchandise...what. Did you think I stuttered? Heck no, sister (or brother)! You basically get to start up your fall wardrobe before Summer even ends.

one: These Marc by Marc Jacobs watches were such a trend a couple of years ago. This one popped out to me and I just fell in love!

two: If you're digging the more minimalistic look (like me) then you'll love the watches by Skagen. They come in a blue, black, and brown band. However the entire collection is very simplistic. Yes I have definitely added these to my cart.

three: Do I really need to explain  the cuteness of this?! As a true lover of bananas...this phone case was made for me. If this doesn't suit your taste, they have a bunch of others too! There's bound to be one that catches your eye (stars, eyes, floral, HEDGEHOGS!!!).

four: Sunglasses are an all-year staple and the tortoise shell frame with the gold detailing makes it a casual piece that can easily be worn with any outfit.

five: Boyfriend jeans. I've been on a hunt for them and it's safe to say that the hunt has ended because of these babies.

six: Backpacks are easily taking over and replacing big purses. This one is so simple but the gold hardware makes it stand out at the same time. It's safe to say that this will be in my cart, though hopefully it doesn't sell out!

seven: This minimalistic bag...pair it with black skinny jeans, a blush colored blouse, ballet flats, some gold jewelry and you've got yourself an outfit that I would gladly wear every day.

eight: When I saw this sweater, I immediately imagined myself wrapped up in it, paired with ripped boyfriend jeans and black chelsea boots, drinking tea and studying at Starbucks with the background noise of rain hitting the pavement.

nine: Fringe is such a cute trend and it's perfect for the fall time! Pairing it with an ethereal white dress or skinny blue jeans makes these boots super versatile.

Go and check out the sale before everything sells out! Comment below what your favorite items are from the sale :) 


  1. Which items did you buy? Btw LOVE THE BACKPACK
    LOve your posts x

  2. well I loved all these items, you have a great taste!

  3. Getting so real with the first line. Hahaha, I loved it!

    Eight is LIFE and I can so see myself wear that with ripped jeans, too! And also, let's take a moment and appreciate your backpack choice; it's GORGEOUS. Especially since I go nuts for anything gold accented!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  4. Definitely more exciting for this than Amazon Prime Day....

    xx freshfizzle

  5. Ahh I didn't buy any yet!! Just about to go onto the site right now. RIGHT? Isn't the backpack just so cute?
    Thank you so much!!! Also- did you buy anything?? :)

  6. Thank you Daniela!! :) Did you buy anything from the sale?

  7. hahahhaha thank you May! AHH 8 is definitely life oh my goodness. Did you buy anything yet?!

  8. Me too...sorry wallet.
    If you don't mind me asking, what'd you buy?!


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