Like A Disco Ball...But More Downplayed

July 30, 2017

Do you ever just want to dress up like a disco ball? Except...a more muted, wearable, casual, and downplayed one?
Well welcome to your new favorite jumpsuit. I've been on the hunt for one for the longest time and decided to pick this one out after seeing the interesting play on stripes on it. Lucky for me, it's super comfortable. Unlucky for me, it's not the greatest thing to wear in this 100 degree weather.

*Jumpsuit: Modcloth  /  *Earrings: Modcloth  /  *Shoes: Old Navy

Despite suffering in this jumpsuit during the day, it is actually a very nice piece of clothing! I love jumpsuits because of the same reason that I love my dresses- they're easy to throw on and don't require much (if any at all) thinking. I feel like this Modcloth jumpsuit in particular sort of cuts off my legs and so I paired it with my heels from Old Navy. In general though, I think that jumpsuits paired with some sort of heeled shoe always looks amazing!
I was in Shanghai this past week and my best friend picked up the cutest black jumpsuit from Uniqlo. But I couldn't find it in my size anywhere (not bitter at all about this). It was super cute with fitted pants and a loose top portion. Unfortunately for all of us, it's sold out on the site :(
Fortunately, we have this lovely jumpsuit option from Modcloth! Modcloth had a bunch of other ones as well but this one just stood out to me because of how loose and flowy it looked.
What's your favorite summer piece? 

* Disclaimer: I received a sponsored gift card from Modcloth in exchange for a social post. However all opinions are always my own! 


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