Fall Essentials

October 7, 2014

one LA GARÇONNE, similar here // two DAILYLOOK // three URBAN OUTFITTERS // four BALMAIN // five MAC // six MONKI // seven MARC BY MARC JACOBS // eight BALENCIAGA

The fact that I only had one post in the month of September surprises and saddens me. I'd apologize again and guarantee more frequent posts, but the truth is, college applications and school are taking a toll on me. I created this set to talk about my fall essentials! I really enjoyed doing that, so expect more in the future(:

one - warm drinks, bonfires, fuzzy socks, apple-picking...Fall isn't complete without your favorite chunky knit sweater. A neutral shade is the perfect layering piece. Put this over a collared shirt paired with a plaid skirt and black boots for the perfect modern school girl look. Or if the chilly autumn weather hasn't hit your city yet, swap out the flannel and tie a sweater around your waist instead. Transitional piece? Check.

two - Scarves are made to warm your neck...but did you know they work as a great makeshift hood when rain decides to suddenly pour from the sky? Thick or thin, scarves are a cute accessory that keeps you warm too! Pair them with...well, anything.

three - I know I'm ready for beanie weather. But California has decided to keep the heat coming, so floppy hats are my alternative! They're super cute to throw onto an otherwise plain outfit, and block out that scorching sun. The neutral shade makes this hat the perfect headwear if it is getting colder where you live.

four - I've been on the search for the perfect, not too thick, not too structured, not too detailed, leather jacket and to be honest I'm still on the hunt. However, I'm settling with one that I got from Style Club LA right now and it's working pretty well right now! Leather jackets are the denim jackets of Summer. Everyone needs one to throw over just about anything- a dress, tshirt, sweater; the list goes on and on.

five - Ah yes, with Fall arriving also comes dark lipstick. An outfit of a white blouse, black jeans, and boots may seem lame and plain (see what I did there), but whip on some dark lipstick and bam. Instant chic boost.

six - Flannels flannels flannels. Over the past year, they've slowly taken up the majority of my closet space and are in 5/7 of my weekly outfits...but I am totally 100% okay with that. Pair it over a cute white top, under a chunky sweater, or just tied around your waist, FLANNELS ARE MY NUMBER ONE. 

seven - Looks like watches are comin back! I've started to see a lot of watches (like Daniel Wellington hey hit me up I love you guys) start to get back on the blogger train and I highly approve of this. Thought I have yet to purchase an, ahem Daniel Wellington, or Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, I'm currently in love with a cute little vintage one that my dad used to wear.

eight - If you know me, you probably know about my obsession with black shoes. My collection is slowly growing but it pains me to say that I have yet to purchase a pair of Chelsea boots.
Oh, here, here, and here are cheaper alternatives to those Balenciagas (they were too cute not to include though, but if you can afford an $845 pair of shoes, go for it.)
Black boots are the epitome of fall in my opinion. Others would beg to differ, claiming that brown riding boots are. Um, no.

Ahhhh and here we come to the conclusion of this brilliant, if I do say so myself, blog post. I hope you guys enjoyed this new format, and I really want to do more! Maybe instead of essentials, it'd be for potential outfits and whatnot(: Leave me some suggestions down below!

What's your essential for Fall?

Love you guys, and if the college application monsters don't take me away, then see you soon!


  1. Looks awesome to me! That beige hat should be in my closet for sure! )


  2. Absolutely love your fall choices! I'd wear everything, hehe:) X


  3. I agree with EVERY item you have on your fall it list. Don't worry about posting regularly, quality over quantity my dear. School comes first :)

    Currently Coveting

  4. this is the reason I love fall! boots, tartan shirts and scarfs!

  5. The hat is gorgeous, big want :D

  6. Love all these picks!! The leather jacket is my favorite...I got one from Joe Fresh (only $99) and the quality is amazing! Perfect for this weather :)


    xo Jess

  7. Boots, slouchy sweaters, plaid, and infinity scarves. I don't think you need anything else for perfect fall style!


  8. I need that flannel shirt so bad! :)

  9. Really amazing!



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