Parking Lots

January 25, 2016

Parking lots are one of my favorite places to take pictures at. The pure simplicity of the colors are always a great contrast to whatever outfit I'm wearing. For today's LA adventure, I threw on my favorite Free People tank top, some jeans, and a thick coat. A weird juxtaposition, but to be honest, it's just because I only brought three clothing items home. 

Quick Getaway

January 21, 2016 Palm Springs, CA, USA

What better way to celebrate the chilly holiday season than by going from mediocre Los Angeles to same-temperature-as-Los-Angeles Palm Springs? After not seeing each other for over four months, a group of best friends had a weekend filled with laughs, late-night talks, and too much junk food. 

New York Zone

January 18, 2016

outfit of the day, outfit, personal style, camel coat, new york, the broad
I should just go to art museums when I'm stressed out. And wear this outfit in New York

Flower Gal

January 14, 2016

flowers, outfit of the day, style

Fuzzy Pastels

January 11, 2016

outfit of the day, outfit, personal style, sweater, suede skirt


January 7, 2016

Faux Confidence

January 4, 2016

outfit of the day, outfit, personal style, faux fur vest, over the knee boots

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