Do These 5 Things Before Summer Ends

August 9, 2019

Summer is one of those seasons that we learn from a young age to look forward to. The skies get clearer, the weather gets warmer, there’s no school, trips to the pool are a must, and you just feel like you have all the time in the world. Until you hit high school.

From my junior year of high school and onwards, my summers were filled with relaxation but with a healthy dose of stress. Stress of wondering if I was doing enough to stand out in my college/internship/job applications and stress of not being able to find something to do. But now that I’m in my first summer post-grad (yes it is still weird that I don’t have to go back to school in September), I wanted to write a list of the 5 things you should do before this summer ends.

Finding My Perfect Top

July 31, 2019 Los Angeles

Do you ever purchase a new clothing item and then wonder how you ever lived that long without owning that piece of clothing? Because...that totally just happened to me.

My Current Favorite Podcasts 🎧

July 24, 2019

I recently became ~that~ person that has their airpods in, walking around listening to a podcast about startups, self-care, and entrepreneurs. Now that I'm commuting around an hour every day, I’m usually able to squeeze in 1-2 episodes and TRULY I have never loved driving more. If you're just getting into the podcast-game or if you've been a long time listener, here are a few of my favorite ones at the moment!

HOW TO: Have The Best Concert Experience

July 20, 2019 Santa Ana

I've been to my fair share of concerts, and while they've all been their own levels of incredible, I went to one recently that I truly just can't get out of my mind. So you might be this entire post just going to be me fangirling and reminiscing about one night?


BUT, throughout the post, I’m also going to be talking about what makes up a great concert experience (to me), and how you can always have one!!

My College Experience

April 23, 2019 UC Irvine

✓ And there goes college

It still baffles me that I’m done with school (for the most part...but hey, grad school is still a possibility) and done with college. I feel like going to college was one of those milestone moments that I had just anticipated and had worked my whole life towards, so it feels weird’s just over. Like..I did it !
These past four years have truly flown by and BOY was it a whirlwind. I went from despising my college to loving it and finding my place. Now that I’m graduated (sorry I’m going to keep saying this because whATTT?), I wanted to reflect on my four years and how I have changed ✨

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