HOW TO: Have The Best Concert Experience

July 20, 2019 Santa Ana

I've been to my fair share of concerts, and while they've all been their own levels of incredible, I went to one recently that I truly just can't get out of my mind. So you might be this entire post just going to be me fangirling and reminiscing about one night?


BUT, throughout the post, I’m also going to be talking about what makes up a great concert experience (to me), and how you can always have one!!

My College Experience

April 23, 2019 UC Irvine

✓ And there goes college

It still baffles me that I’m done with school (for the most part...but hey, grad school is still a possibility) and done with college. I feel like going to college was one of those milestone moments that I had just anticipated and had worked my whole life towards, so it feels weird’s just over. Like..I did it !
These past four years have truly flown by and BOY was it a whirlwind. I went from despising my college to loving it and finding my place. Now that I’m graduated (sorry I’m going to keep saying this because whATTT?), I wanted to reflect on my four years and how I have changed ✨

My Last Week of College 🎉

March 24, 2019 UC Irvine

Just finished up my last final EVER of my undergraduate career and I knew I wanted to document my last week of college! A college reflection coming to you very soon, but first- let’s recap the week.

P.S. I did not attend college in SF nor do I live there...but it's a cute picture SO WE'RE GOING WITH IT.

The Modern Pajama

March 18, 2019 Los Angeles

California has been SO rainy lately, and while I’m the biggest fan of rainy days, it’s so nice to finally see the sun again! I definitely did not prepare myself and thought it was going to start raining again later in the day but JOKES ON ME because it ended up being in the mid 70s today. Nonetheless, I threw this outfit on and am so in love with it!

My (simple) 2019 Intentions

January 5, 2019

I LOVE writing resolutions for the new year because it always fills me with hope and excitement. There's a whole 365 ( 360) days ahead of us where ANYTHING can happen. Literally anything. To put it into perspective, I could be living in another city, married, consistent on YouTube and the blog ( 🤞🏼), pregnant, a business owner, and could have traveled to 15 countries by the end of 2019. Isn't that c RA Z Y? (I feel like it goes without saying but I would not prefer this outcome)
But for those who find this to be an overwhelming task, I don't blame you. Maybe this exercise will appeal to you more!

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