[VIDEO] Fall Outfit Ideas & Creating For Me

November 15, 2020

A lovely compilation of some of my favorite Fall outfits before the weather got dramatically colder in Southern California!!

UM HELLO !!! Long time no see!! I feel like I'm usually pretty good with updating the blog at least a handful of times throughout the year but damn...I mean...2020 was a lot, but I can't believe this is my first post of the year.

I recently did a fashion lookbook, and it has been SO long since I last did one, it felt good and nostalgic :') Reminded me of how much I love doing these. Here are a few Fall outfits that I've been loving recently and I hope you get inspired from them! Links to all pieces or similar pieces are in the description box- all are sustainable and ethical alternatives.

I have a lot of fun posts in mind so hopefully I can get to writing + posting them soon!! This year has been a wild one and it's made me reflect on all of the different creative outlets I have for myself (YouTube, Instagram, Blog -- filming, editing, writing, photography). I feel like I've been losing touch with why I create and why I love doing this so much. I was getting caught up in the numbers and the reach of my content, that I started to second guess why I was doing all of this at all and was considering "quitting". Seeing friends and family start their platforms months or years after me, yet surpassing my viewer count, follower count, and subscriber count by the thousands, was really tough. Don't get me wrong, I am seriously so happy for them and am always their biggest supporter!!! But I started to compare myself which made me doubt myself and blah blah blah- you know how it goes.

I had to remind myself that- dude. you'd be doing this stuff (this stuff meaning- filming, editing, photography, writing) regardless of whether or not platforms like YouTube or Instagram exist. I've had a camera in hand since I was 10 (a camcorder back then), forcing my brother to do random skits and commercials with me and taking ~aesthetic~ photos (which I considered to be anything that had intense bokeh in the background/low aperture).

Anyway, all that is to say that creating is truly just (as cheesy as it sounds), a PART OF ME!!! And perhaps this blog post was more of a declaration and reminder for myself more than anything. :)
Okay. Talk soon! Enjoy the video!


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