Tropical Paradise // Costa Rica

April 21, 2016 Costa Rica

Stepping out of the plane in San Jose, a gust of warm air hits us straight in the face. Why was the heater on? Oh just kidding. THAT'S JUST THE WEATHER.
Despite my winter attire (would not recommend wearing a long sleeve henley and soccer sweatpants in Costa Rica mid-afternoon, let alone at ANY time), I was filled with unbridled excitement. I have only heard great things about this beautiful country, and the fact that we would be surrounded by nature all of the time...dude I was stoked.

The Classics

April 11, 2016

Currently writing this as LA experiences its once-in-a-lifetime weather. Rain.

Falling in Love

April 7, 2016 Paris, France

Man oh man. Paris was such a dream. I came in with high hopes that I would fall in love with this city, and wow, did I ever. Our trip consisted of one too many baguettes, unexpected rain, way too many macarons, and Google maps (love you). It was so much fun and even after spending so many days in Paris, I still feel like there is so much more to explore.
With that being said, I hope you enjoy reading about the 3 days that I spent there.

Stay Messy

April 4, 2016

On today's post: Talking about how I've been a mess, first year college student problems, and the journey of finding yourself. We're covering all sorts of topics today, folks!

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