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April 4, 2016

On today's post: Talking about how I've been a mess, first year college student problems, and the journey of finding yourself. We're covering all sorts of topics today, folks!

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I've been a mess. From being consistent on my blog for a month to disappearing for two months, I could not be more sorry. If it isn't obvious already, I still haven't gotten used to the quarter system. Because of it, college has very much been go go go, with little chance to actually settle down and figure out my schedule. Because once I find my groove, it's midterm season, then it's time to study for finals, then it's finals week, and then new schedule, new classes, and the cycle starts all over again. However, I am making it my goal and mission to post at least twice a week for the rest of the quarter (and year, but let's try out three months first), so keep me accountable!

I've been on a journey of sorts, to find myself. And I suppose there was never really a "start" date, and will never really be an "end" date. We will never really stop finding ourselves because with our world always changing, there are so many new factors that come into play, but the important thing is finding the true root of ourselves. I've made posts before regarding my thoughts on finding genuine happiness (read here), but I have started to make it a point to stop and think about what really makes me happy. This past quarter of college was really difficult for me. I was unhappy and felt alone most days. Then I realized that I was rooting my happiness within my relationship with other people. In other words, I was dependent on other people for my happiness. This has honestly never happened before. As an introvert, I am more than comfortable and happy being alone, but for some reason...I just couldn't do it last quarter. It was really weird, but anyway, I need to start rooting my happiness within myself rather than through other people. I need to start placing myself in situations that make me uncomfortable, like introducing myself to strangers, going to an event by myself, etc. It is through these uncomfortable situations that will allow me (and you!) to find out what I actually like and am passionate about (sounds weird and also counterproductive, but I believe it'll work!!). A blog called The Messy Heads has really helped me try to figure out what I am passionate about. I love supporting strong girl bosses, so I'm sporting one of their seasonal tees while telling you to check out their blog!

I could not be more excited to grow and thrive on this journey of self-discovery. Are any of you guys still trying to find who you really are? (because honestly, who isn't?) Comment below any tips you may have, your personal journey, what you're passionate about, what makes you happy, and anything else your heart desires. Let's build this strong, happy, and thriving community! 

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