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January 21, 2016 Palm Springs, CA, USA

What better way to celebrate the chilly holiday season than by going from mediocre Los Angeles to same-temperature-as-Los-Angeles Palm Springs? After not seeing each other for over four months, a group of best friends had a weekend filled with laughs, late-night talks, and too much junk food. 
We've had a holiday sleepover every year since our first year in high school. HOW CRAZY IS THAT. We decided to step it up a bit this year and go to Palm Springs! 

We haven't seen each other since mid-August, so just being able to see my friends' faces was SO GREAT. The car ride to our destination had us singing Christmas carols, trying not to get lost, and documenting our travels through vlogging. Pictured above are the iconic windmills that welcome visitors to the desert. Once I saw a glimpse of one, I had both my phone and my camera whipped out and ready to go. 

Pictured here is a way-too-small-to-fit-five-people table and a watermelon bowl that I am was way too obsessed with.

Our cozy Airbnb was designed to the T, and we spent a solid 15 minutes 'ooh'-ing and 'ahh'-ing over every little thing. It was just the right size and had everything we could've ever asked for!

Breakfast is, hands down, my favorite meal of the day. Honestly on most days, it's what gets me out of bed for those 9 a.m. classes. I especially like this time of day, when the sunlight shines between window blinds and gives this cool lighting.
Since we are all college students, eating out every single day is not exactly ideal, so we cooked for each other! It was so much fun, and I perform my best when I'm just taking pictures off to the side :~) 
(just kidding I helped)

hiking, nature, palm springs
With only one full day under our belt, we decided to go hiking! If you are ever in the Palm Springs area, I would definitely recommend going to Whitewater Preserve. It's a really easy hike (more like a walk), with stunning views of the mountains. Along the trail are a bunch of cacti, trees, bushes, plants- literally anything and everything. Our end point was Red Dome, which wasn't all too exciting, but the creek in front of the rock was gorgeous. I swear, my friends and I probably said the word "calm" a solid 18 times as we stood by it.

After we checked out, we walked along Palm Canyon Drive, peeking in at some stores and art galleries. After only about an hour after breakfast, we decided to eat an entire meal before we officially left Palm Springs.

Our pit stop before we arrived back home was Mission Inn Hotel in Riverside. My mom told me, literally every time I talked to her, to go here before we came back. It's an amazingly glamorous hotel, so I can see why she wanted us to make the stop. They host the Festival of Lights every year, I believe, but we didn't want to drive back in the dark so we left before then.

LOCATION: Palm Springs, CA

I'm back in my dorm room now but I still can't get over this trip. It was so much fun and I created memories that I'll cherish forever.
To my faves- I can't wait for where we decide to adventure to next!! Miss you all so much.

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