Let's end 2011 with a bang

December 31, 2011

Hi my beautifuls! So I was going to post an outfit post, but I can't seem to get the picture to my phone -_- and i don't have a computer right now so I decided to post this one first. First off, 2011 has been fairly good to me(:
So many things have happened to me this year.

-starting this blog!
-meeting and having the friends I have today(:
-meeting Jason Chen
-therefore, due to ISA, meeting Wong Fu<3, Ryan Higa<33, Kevin Wu (KevJumba), Cathy Nguyen, Chester See, Abraham Lim, David Choi, Jason Chen, Far East Movement, so. many. more. 
-just GOING to ISA made my life. haha
-knowing what i want and who my true friends are
-avoiding unnecessary drama
-being happy
-oh...getting tumblr addicted<3

What has happened to you this 2011? 


Paige Renae x Live Love Fashion: Bohemian Chic

Paige Renae x Live Love Fashion: Prints Charming

October 29, 2011

Another Apology..

September 23, 2011

Hey there..remember me? No? Oh..well, I'm Shirley. I'm the one who writes this blog? Still no? Really? I've been gone for THAT long?
I'M SO SORRY YOU GUYS<333 I've just been trying to enjoy my last weeks of summer, and then school started {I'm a freshman now, so I'm getting used to high schoool}. But I'm going to TRY to post at least once a week. AT LEAST. The posts will be from Paige Renae's and my collaboration (which was SUPER fun btw. I'll have another post more on that(:) 
Here we go(: Next post will be our collab post<3


Special Announcement!!! You won't want to miss this!!(:

August 24, 2011

Me and a fellow blogger have started planning something really special and exciting for all our lovely followers/viewers!!! I have collaborated with the beautiful Paige Renae to create a fall trends post for you guys!

More in detail: Basically, Paige and I will be having a mini photo shoot showing you guys what our must-haves for fall are as well as incorporating the latest fall trends into our outfits. We'll be putting together outfits, and maybe even some tips for you guys(: We're really excited to do this, and can't wait!!! We might even have a separate post of what we're wearing that one day. You'll see how much our style differs(:
Paige and I are really excited to see this and meet up! We go to the same school,  but haven't really started talking until this summer. So be on the look-out on both our blogs {which means follow her!!!} for the pictures!!! It'll be ah-mazing!<33
Have a nice day!!!

P.S. All the information in the post was not entirely accurate. We have an idea of what we're doing for the post. It might be on trends, and it might be focused on one essential item. More information will be revealed at the post. thank you. xx


Feather Extensions {again}

Same Wall. Bright Shirt.

Simplicity is Key.

Cropped Long

August 5, 2011

Hey everyone!(:
Today I decided to pair a pink crop top with my black/pink floral maxi dress. This was inspired by so many pictures I've seen online and in magazines. I think i pulled it off!(:

Old Fashioned

August 3, 2011

Hi everyone~ Sorry for the delay of posts, but I {finally} have an outfit post for you all today!(: I edited the pictures so that they'd all be in one place, and I even put the item list in the pictures too! let me know if you guys like it more this way or not(:
Background: My mom was going to through this lovely skirt out, but I thought it had potential. So this is the outfit I came up with. Not brilliant by all means, but decent. I have a few more outfits with this skirt in the future(: ENJOY♥

Mess up.

July 31, 2011

Hi everyone!
I was going to have my blog sale video up yesterday...BUT when I put the SD card into my computer, I could not for the life of me, find the file! I don't know why videos don't show up, because I could watch it perfectly fine on the camera. I deleted it anyway, and I decided to take pictures of all of the items instead. So that'll be up (hopefully) by next week. And I'm So SO sorry for this misconvenience.
A HUGE update later!


E.L.F. Mini Makeup Collection + Update + Shout-Outs(:

July 25, 2011

Hi everyone!
E.L.F. Mini Makeup Collection:
Today I received my giveaway prize from Disney. I entered and found out I won back in April, and I only got the prizes now -.- So, you could imagine my suprise. One of the items were E.L.F.'s Mini Makeup Collection. I don't wear makeup, but this would be a fantastic starter kit to those who are starting to. It includes lipglosses, eye shadows, blush, bronzer, eyeliner, as well as brushes. I can't stop admiring the way it looks! They have amazing shades, and they're incredibly pigmented! {Swatches at the end}.
Also, I want to apologize for the lack of outfit posts, I'm really sorry. I thought this blog was going to be a blog where I post my outfits everyday. Then I realized something. The outfits I wear each day are very similar. And, I'm running out of locations to take pictures at! I need more areas! So I'm also on the look out for that.
Furthermore, I'm starting school in a little more than a month, so I'll probably have a Back to School Series to help(: I'm attending high school next year (9th grade), so I can't give that many tips for high school. But I'll definitely do middle school and school in general.
Like I said in my previous post about my new youtube channel? I'm working on that at the moment and I'm not going to give any information at the moment. {+ I'm scared of stalkers...there's always that problem..}. AND as for the blog sale? I'm taking the pictures currently and I'm still collecting things as I go. But it will be up sometime this week!
I just want to give a couple of shout-outs to some beautiful girls. I'm so in love with their blogs and channels and I think they deserve a lot more followers/subscribers(: If anyone else wants a shout-out, please feel free to comment down below and make sure to follow my blog.
Paige Renae
Finding Vogue
*will add more in the future in another post(:
Youtube Channels:
Look Under Here
*will add more in the future
The case it came in...

Info on the back of the box.

What it includes..
Swatches. *Numbers in the picture below.

the Box.
Thank you so much for reading, and I'll make a new post as soon as possible!♥
Take Care!


Yay or Nay?: Feather Extensions Trend

July 19, 2011

*Note: I used up a lot of my time to research this trend and "topic". The list of websites I have used will be listed at the end of the post. Thank you.

Hey! I'd like to introduce you guys to a new "segment" that I'm going to be putting up on my blog. Yay or Nay(: I'll be taking the newest trends and explaining them, giving my input on whether I like them or not, etc.! So for this first segment? I'll be talking about what everyone's raving about. Feather extensions.

Coming in all sorts of colors, lengths, and prices, feather extensions are a booming new trend. Celebrities from Selena Gomez to Steven Tyler has been sporting this new trend.
You can create beautiful combinations from these feathers. From thick and thin, long and short, there's definitely a feather out there for you!
There are so many combinations that you can do! Some websites allow you to make custom combinations, but some chose it for you.
These feather extensions run from $14-$300! There are different prices for how many extensions there are in the set. You'll also have to buy the crimp beads as well as the tool to put these extensions into your hair.

My Personal Experience and Thoughts:
When Kandee Johnson and Michelle Phan did videos about feather extensions, I was in awe. I wanted to get my hands on some almost immediately! Soon after that, I would see girls with feather extensions in their hair. My friend told me that there were feather extensions at a store in my mall, I made my way down there and saw them! OH, they were so pretty(: They were honestly the color that I would have wanted! {Except for the really short feather...}When the saleslady told me the price ($22-$25 for 5 extensions) I was a bit doubtful of buying it because I wasn't in love with the combinations. My mom told me to get the cheaper ones.
Therefore, instead of buying real ones I bought the fake, clip-on ones(: I got a 6strand for $5.99 and they're just bright vibrant colors. It's really easy to clip in, and I'm pretty proud of my purchase. I'm looking forward to going back for more!

*Note: I am aware that they take real feathers off of roosters and specially bred birds. And have to kill them in order to get the feathers.

Thank you so much for reading this! I do appreciate it, and I hope you enjoyed!

What are your thoughts on feather extensions? Yay or Nay?


P.S. Blog/Youtube Clothing & Shoe sale coming upp(: {so...thinking of making a youtube channel for this}

HElloooo Helloooooo(:

July 15, 2011

Hi everyone!
Long time no blooog!(:
Anyways, I've been back since Tuesday, and there was a special surprise when I got back!
My cat (Buttercup) gave birth!!!! At the moment, she just gave birth to two kittens, but by the end of the night, it came to a total of six beautiful kittens! When we left for China, she was already...around 3 months pregnant, a little less, but I'm so glad she waited for us to come back to give birth(: {PICTURES AT THE END}
Anyone heard of the ISA Concert that Wong Fu Productions always has? It's in Seattle this year = I CAN'T GO! ='( This makes me uber sad, therefore my days are spent on the computer staring at the tickets. sigh. They came to my city last year, but the tix were sold out! Ohmigosh, I was heartbroken. Seemed like someone broke up with me =( I hope they come on over again next year♥
I got internet there + a laptop, but blogspot was blocked in China, so I couldn't even read some blogs. So sorry for that! And with the outfits, I'm not going to post {not because I didn't take pictures..pshh} because I just wore shots and plain v-necks the whole time during the trip. so..uh..yeah. Not much. But I've been hoping to buy the new Seventeen Styling book thing, I think it'll help me a lot with my style(: So yehh(:
BTW, does anyone know where to get a pink/coral blazer? I've been looking for one, and in the August issue of Seventeen, they said there was one from Charlotte Russe, but I couldn't find any...Any suggestions? Under $30 please(:
OH School...getting ready for that even though it's a month and more away(:
See you later♥



June 28, 2011

Hi my loves,
Good byeee(: I'm leaving to China tonighttt!!!
I thought I was going to post my final outfit/airplane cozy outfit on this post...but my
mom got mad for being on the computer far too long =(
Therefore, farewell<3
See you in two weeks!


Romp it!

June 27, 2011

Number Seven
{Romp it up? ...really? Please ignore my bad sense of...title arranging. oh, and I add these shoes to the Remix(:}

Romper: Ross
Flannel: Ross
-.- an all Ross outfit(:

haha, HOpe you all enjoyed(: My good-bye post will be tomorrow! =(



Number Six
[OH..and I uh..add these shoes to the Remix too(: And my gladiaters that will be shown tmrw]

Top: Wal-Mart
Shorts: Ross
Shoes: Marshalls (SODA brand)
Sunglasses: Wet Seal
I literally JUSt bought these shoes on this day (JUne 26) and I wore them immediately. Whyy you ask? Because the sandals that I was wearing? They were KILLING mee, and I only wore them for an hour -.-
Therefore, never ever buy shoes from Wal-Mart...even if they are insanely cute.


Freeze It

haha, yehh(: we made them! They are sooooo deliciouuusss♥

Alright, PEace(:


Take A Seat

June 26, 2011

Number Five
{P.S. I add this top and the tank from Number Four into my 30 for 30(:}

Top: Wal-Mart (it's purple..for some reason it looks blue..)
Skirt: Forever 21
Sandals: Guess (Ross)
Sunglasses: Wet Seal
Gwahhh...Sorry that both shots are full body =( You can see the tribal print on the skirt better on my 30 for 30 post(: Sorryy!
So my family and I went out for luncha dn to get some errands dooone, and we found this little plaza that we've been MEANING to go to...
and we ate at this deliciouuusssssss place(: Yummm.~ OH i have pictures of the food♥ Anyways, it was soo soooo goood and it was such a fun day with my family(:
Rice with eel♥♥♥


Fried Octopus...yuuumm(: my bro's favee~

uhm...yeah my parents ordered this...it was rlly good though(;


Bwahhahahahha(: We saw my baby cousin and his dad there tooo!!! He was so shyy, but I snuck a picture of him(: He's grown so much from the last time that I saw him..
Alright, hope you enjoyed!!! Byeee♥


Class of 2011

June 24, 2011

Hey(: As few of you know, I actually graduated middle school on Monday of this week(: It's been a memorable experience and honestly, I don't have any regrets. Although there were nights that I stayed up till 12 a.m., it has just made me a stronger person. The teachers have pushed me and helped me along these past two years, and I thank them so much for their help. I'm so thankful for my family. They've helped me on those bad days that I've had, and those days where I just couldn't take staying up all night again. I thank my friends for always being there with me every step of the way, through the ups and downs that we all had together, I'm glad we come out stronger than ever.
The ceremony was a tearful and happy event. I had to say good-bye to some of my friends, but I'll never forget them. All of my friends have a special place in my heart (I know. Cheesy much?). Now, uh...paparazzi pictures(: And a special guest (who..doesn't know she's in this..haha)

*pssttt* Do you see meee? ok. soo i'm in the third row {the one starting with the girlll}. and if you count...7 starting on the girl, I'm the seventh one(: and righhhttt behind me? Oh yeh, that's right, that's Paige Renae (: Yeah, we go to the same school(:  Love you sweetie♥
MIMI(: Which reminds me..I still need to email this to her...

Thank you for reading♥



Number Four

Coral Tank: Cotton On
Racerback: Kohl's
Shorts: Ross
Simple black flip flops(not shown): Old Navy

Yayy for new postt!(: Yeahhh, I did get a haircut =( It's basically 1/2 inch shorter, and my bangs were uh...pretty short too(:
Yepp, I didn't really do anything today except update this website--> http://www.oreoandcookie.weebly.com/ {p.s. I'm Oreo(:}, do some homework, eat, watch some videos, eat, and edit a graduation picture (which will be in my next post), and well..that's about it. So it's a pretty.."chill" day(:


Write it down..

June 23, 2011

Hey all(: I made a vow on twitter (Follow me if you aren't already!--> http://twitter.com/#!/shirlovesu ) that i would be posting DAILY until the day I leave(: Therefore, here you goo.

sighh...*bliss* I remember when I used to write DAILY. Like. i mean DAI.LY. But then I stopped. Because middle school just took so much time...but now it's summer, and I graduated(: So I thought...why not? I have SO much time on my hands, I might as well continue writing(: I LOVE THIS JOURNAL♥ I BOUGHT IT JUST FOR HIGH SCHOOL {I know I know. silly me.} BUt I love it so much(: It's so inspirational, on the front cover, it says " Just follow your hear and you'll never get lost" and it's just a gorgeousss abstract design. and all the page edges are gold (fake). gwahhh so prettyyy♥
okay, 30 for 30 post tomorrow! byeeeeeee(: {Now please enjoy this picture(:}


Long Live...

June 21, 2011

Number Three

Dress: Forever 21
Blouse (holding): Ross
Bag: Ross
Sandals: Ross

Yayy(: My first time wearing my maxi dress, and well. Three words. I. Love. It. It made me feel sooo...uh..hm...lightweight? Idunno. But yesshhh, so comfortable tooo!!!
WElll, here are some additional pictures that I did that day(:

KTOWN(: {noo...i'm not Korean. I'm Chinese(: But my parents had to meet their friend there...therefore...we got free food from her♥ Just like we always doo(:}

oh yeh, dat's right(: CHOCOLATE ICE CREAMM♥ MAH FAVVVV(:

UDON(: And all those spicy things on the side that I don't like(:

MMmmmm...soooo goood(: Yum  yum yuuum♥ The ice cream! ZOMG. Deliciooouusss(: Which reminds me. I need to go buy some ice cream now. And the udon was so goood tooooo♥

Yep yep(: Hope you all enjoyed♥


Jump for Joy(:

Number Two

Weeee! oh joyy..

Me laughing about how weird that jump was...
Bought From..
Tank: Cotton On
Crop Tank: Cotton On
Jeans: Ross
Headband: Kohl's
Shoes: Payless

Ah yesss, typical of me to post an outfit waaayyyyy too late...obviously that doesn't count me being lazy and not taking pictures(: But yess, here we go. Here was my outfittt, i paired it with a blazer in case it got chilly (yeah...uh...it didn't.) The cropped top was soooo cute(: It's like..a zebra kind of print, and it has two layers of ruffles(: oh yeah, I wore a double braided gold headband tooo. bohemian style. oh yehh. hahaha. And I just thought the metallic of the flats just brought out the outfit a lot more(:
Enjoyyy? Hope so.


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