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February 28, 2011

hey hey!
-My talent show's coming up! I hope i get to go see ittt!!!!!!!!!!
-hmm..anyone know where to buy a Kakashi (from the anime Naruto) plushie? haha, it's my birthday surprise for my friend.(: FYI: She's a Narutard. haha
-There's thiss.."new style"that i recently found out about. . . yess yes, i'm pretty sloww~ (sorry SORRy for the HORRIBLEE quality...im using my webcam)

You'll Need:
A scarf
beaded bracelet

Take your scarf and fold it in half(unless your scarf is short enough). Drape in on your neck.

Here's the bracelet I'm going to use...it's turquoise, so it's the perfect pop of color to my dark navy blue scarf.

Now, slip the bracelet on from the bottom of the scarf and place it where you desire. If your scarf is thin, I suggest wrapping the bracelet twice around the scarf so it doesn't fall out.
You're Done!♥
-This look (above) is soooo cozy/cute/warm! When the scarf creates a "V" on the top, it surrounds your neck and keeps you warm all day! + If you want to take off your scarf, you'll have a super cute accessory too!
-I'm gonna be going on this.."East Coast Tour" during Spring break. And its this..trip, that my grade goes every year. You have to pay though (obviouslyy)~ And soooo. It's a wEEk long and I was thinkinggg of bringing just myy beaUUtiful carry on, and a small backpack. I don't know if i'll have enough clothing to fit in a carry on...maybeee i'll wear some things twice? If they...you know...don't get that dirty(:
But do you guys have any suggestions on what to bring to the east coast (northern part), the weather there in April, etc.
So i am sooooo excited bout east coast! ^-^ It'll take some pics and post it on hereee(:

haha I need more followerss! (i dont have any...sadface)
oh yeah! Comment below! This size font? or my small font? thnx!
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February 24, 2011

Hey fellow people! Get my title? it's like "HOLLAHHHH" but it's "HAULAHH"? no? doesn't make sense? huh...
hehe, so my nearby Borders is closing down ='( You would not believe how sad I am about this. BORDERS IS MY LIFE~ >.< So everything was 20% - 40% off anddd I got a couple of books(: Here they areeee i'll uhh..write a lot about each of them:)
(sorry for the terrible lighting + horrible quality. i was using my webcam...=/)

I LOVE THIS BOOK! i've been meaning to get it b4 but it was too expenisve and it wasn't one of my "Must Have" books(; But when borders was getting ready to close and everything was on sale, I jumped at the chance. oh...don't mind those pink post-its. I just marked pages that were really helpful for my personal needs(: As you can see..thats a lot. She has a lot of good tips in this book. It was $19.99, so with 20% off, it came out around $15.99.

I actually wasn't going to get this book but when i called my cousin to tell her about Borders, she "persuaded" me to buy this. haha i'm reading this at the moment and it is SO GOOD. I love it~ There's going to be a third boook! yayyy~♥ I dont think you can see the author, so it's by Jenny Han.

I didn't read this book yet, but i'm really excited to! It's about this society and this "invisible" girl gets in. and..other stuff; didn't read it yet..Author: Kay Cassidy

So the reason why i got THIS book was bcuz of youtube(: There was that Prom Sweepstakes and it was from this book! So i had to buy it. Besides, theres a dress and a pink background on the cover. How could i not buy it?
Author: Elizabeth Eulberg

This is the 3rd book from Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy series. I CANT WAIT TO READ IT! ohmgee~ hahah isn't the cover cute?
Author: Lauren Conrad
So the only book i read was Lauren Conrad's Style book and I'm reading It's Not Summer Without You at the moment.
-I don't have an outfit post today bcuz I really didn't try today for my outfittt:( I know..dissapointment. But i'm sure you guys will LOVE my outfit tomorrow! ^-^ I doo! haha I'm also in sweats right now and i look horriblee~
At that last note,

Follow your dreams!
Be unique, Be different, Be you.
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Floral + Flannel + Leather = ♥ (;

February 23, 2011

HeY fellow internet users(:
I took some pics of my outfit todayy~ bcuz i LOVED it(: I'll write where i got the stuff at the bottom and I'll write about the outfit too. ENJOY♥ (mmm...too many pics..?)

Flowy floral tank tucked into my jeans (which were paired with a brown braided belt).


mmM! ♥ this picture. It shows my black floral tank with a blue/white checkered flannel over it. And a gray leather jacket over that.(:

A full-view of my upper body outfitt...(the jackets cute huh?)

mhmm~ That's right you guys, beh jealous of mah snazzy (what?) converses(: They're gray w/ purple shoelaces. The back is just some string that you can tie into a bow.

Close up on my purple shoes(=

Alrrrighttiee~ A blog post + me rambling coming up next(:

Flowy Floral Tank: Ross (Brand: Julie's Closet)
Blue Checkered Flannel: Abercrombiekids
Gray Leather Jacket: Ross (Brand: Romeo and Juliet Couture)
Necklaces: Both were a b-day present
Belt: Mom's closet(;
Jeans: Walmart (really reallyyy long time ago)
Converses: forgot...SORRY!


Fashion Show/Contest♥

February 22, 2011

-So today there was a meeting at my school talking about a fashion show that would take place at a nearby school. The theme of the show this year is "Glow in the Dark". Now, I didn't participate in last year's show, so I'm pretty new to this. But I have SO many ideas!
^-^ hmm...should I be the model too? Well I'm doing it with three of my friends(:
I have been LOVING these two necklaces(: They're both birthday present's so I don't know where they're from (given from different cousins). The 'S' initial is pretty short and reaches up to the middle of my collarbone. The Key Necklace is also mah lucky charm(; It's SO cute! It's just a bit longer than the 'S' necklace. It has rhinestones where the heart is.


oOOooH lALaLAA~♥

February 21, 2011

hey! OMG my first post! I can't WAIT! I've had a couple of blogs before but they were always with a friend and this is my first single blog just by myself! As you can see from the heading, I LOVE Fashion♥ and I love to live life(; Now, I apologize in advance for the long website name (www.livelovefashionforever.blogspot.com) -.- i APOLOGIZE! wow my first blog post and I'm apologizing already...
WELL~! I hope to update this often! I'll be posting..randomm things, fashion trends, haulageee~, ETC.! haha alright~


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