A little pinch of neon...and pain =/

March 31, 2011

Helloo my lovess(:
alright, you must be thinking, "...and pain?" WTHeck does that mean? Well let me tell you.
I was going to do cheerleading (key word: was) So I went to the clinic to learn the routine, warm-up/condition and such. We ran three laps, stretched (30 minutes=which caused the pain/sore thighs). THEN, we danced and learned the routine, which was suuuuperrrr funnn(:
Sooo i went home.went to bed. woke up. pain. mhm pretty much, so everyone that went to cheer clinic was walking weirdly at school(; haha, including mee of course. So i decided not to do cheer anymore. maybe in my sophmore year, but I'll settle for swim and golf only[:

ALRIGHT time for my OUTFIT POST! *woott* no? okay.
ahha, well today was. HOT. And by hot i mean 90 degree weather hot. So i wore a skirt(:
And, if i do say so myself, i love this outfit. sooo muchh!!!! alright, less talking, more posting (i'm saying alright a lot huh...)

so uhh yeah. this is me. trying to pose in my patio...^-^
I'm wearing this bright, floral (spring) skirtt w/ a brown leather belt..belted aroudn the waist + a plain white v-neck AND a CUTEEEEE OWL necklace (and no. it is not from Forever 21)

A picture of my leather belt...

In the morninggg..ahhh i'd say it was around 60-70 degrees, I paired my outfit with my blue jean jacket.


The name my cousin calls mehh(;
Top: Kohl's
Skirt: Justice (a year ago...on the SALE side)
Jacket: Ross
Belt: Mom's closet[;
Bracelet: hand-made
Owl Necklace: ready? ready? Wal-mart. there. my secret's out.
Shoes: Red Converses

YEAh! ahha i love this outfit(:
Alright, so comment belowwww
Have a nice day/night!♥
Love you all,

Sparkle Spring(;

March 23, 2011

Heyy heyyy darlings!
Yesterday, I was quite bored with myself and took out my nail polishes.
And I decided to paint my nails all magnificent spring colors(:
of course not all of them turned out to be spring colors...
Nevertheless, here's a picture of them!
All were bought @ Walmart(;
So on my thumb is Posh Pink by Revlon. On my pointer finger is China Girl by Ice(♥). On my middle finger is well....something Poppy by Wet N' Wild(; Okay, so on the fourth finger, it's purple (Sally Hansen) but I covered half of it with a pretty teal/turquoise (by Sally Hansen). Last, but obviously not least, I have black (by Ice). On all of the nails i this pretty pink glitter polish by Wet N' Wild.
hahah so yeh(:
Pretty extreme huhh!?
hehe, i really like these colors
well I gotta get to a cheerleading meeting now!(;

My idols...♥

March 20, 2011

Everyone has an inspiration right? Everyone has an idol right? Well my idol?
Wow...that question hit me hard...
At first I thought my parents...they've always been there for me. Well DUH of COURSE; they're my idols...but they always will be...
But I'm talking about someone that REALLY inspires you. Someone who inspires you to be yourself. To express yourself.
So then it hit me today. My inspiration?
Lauren Conrad and Lady Gaga.
Pretty extreme huh?(;
Lauren Conrad has ALWAYS been my personal idol. I love her style and they way she commits herself to a job until its done.
Lady Gaga...She's real. She's not afraid to express who she is inside. And the way she does that
is by how she dresses. By dressing the way she does today, she inspired soo many people to try new
things (hey! like me!) and not to be afraid. Because sometimes? You need to take a risk.
Who's your idol?
P.S. Check out this website to buy a bracelet that's dedicated to Japan by Lady Gaga. http://ladygaga.shop.bravadousa.com/Dept.aspx?cp=14781_42444

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March 10, 2011

Hey you guyss. I just watched the Breaking News on what happened in japan (8.9 earthqake = tsunami). I hope all is going well and I will do as much as i can about it(: But just everyone be careful and take care of yourselves!
Rather...good name for a title yes? ahha jkjk. Well I'm just in loveee with this outfit(:* it doesn't really mean much because I say that about all outfits yeah? haha well that's cause I mostly post outfits i really like and i usually try to choose unique outfits everyday as well(: so here it is! The infamous outfit!
FuLLLL-ish view of my outfit(: Weaing skinny jeans, white v-neck, + lace vest/cardigan
My 3 bracelets I wore(: First is pearly, second is uh..light pale pink, last is turquoise.
Close up on the lace...it's reallyyyy pretty. it's like..a flower print(: So Flower + Lace! Two trends in One! ^-^
they had ruffles on the edge. TOO CUTE!♥

I got these from...
Shirt: Kohl's
Lace Cardigan/Vest: Burlington Coat Factory
Jeans: Ross
Bracelet #1 & 2: Mom/China
Bracelet #3: Prize
Shoes: Converses high tops (Journeyz)
Necklace: Bday pressie

THanks for reading you guys! I have to go to sleep now, so byee! More posts later(;

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Striped Out♥, rambling, and EXCITING NEWS!

March 9, 2011

Heyyy Happy Wednesdayyy~!
i ♥ Wednesdays(: Cuz @ 9:00 p.m., MODERN FAMILY = BEST SHOW EVERRR comes on!!! and I just LOVE that show~ I watch it every weeekk! soooo funnyyyyyyy! It's such a cute comedy show(: ALWAYS. Always has a little moral in it(: And they explain it @ the end tooo~ If you guys can, PLEASE PLEASE check it out! Channel 7 (ABC Channel) starts at 9:00 p.m. (see how many smiley faces i haveee???(:)
Ohkay, i have a lot of pics for yu guysss todayy~ but first! My outfit post!
Okay, soooo i woke up today(ok..well I planned it out yesterday night =]) thinking..
"Ohhh what the heck. I'll just wear it" Anddddd "it" is this SUPER CUTE thin sweater from Forever 21 and FOR ME it's kinda a statement shirt. You can wear it off the shoulder and stuff too, so i didn't want to get dress coded for showing my shoulders -.- THATS why i put off wearing it so much. But I went to school today, proud, and came back. Not dress coded. (: I paired it with the cuuuuutesttttt necklaces EVER(: SOO lemme just..show yu the pics now(;

mmkay so this picture just shows my accessories. I was wearing this long necklace that has some really pretty beads and some pearls on them. And at the end of that necklace is this pretttyy heart. And above that I'm just wearing my usual "heart key" necklace(:
okay full view! of most of the outfit...(haha i'm bending down lower) So I tucked the sweater into my jeans(which have a brown braided belt) and kinda took out some pieces of it to create a soft flowy look.
Here's the material. It's white and gray striped with some black dots.
OH! i forgot shoes! Well I wore my highlighter pink shoes(:
I got them from...
Sweater: Forever 21
Necklaces: Bday present (key necklace) + Mom
Belt: Mom
Jeans: Ross
Converses (not shown in pictures): Journeyz

YAYy~ hehe i LOVE my outfit today(: I feel like..it's so much more..me. OH btw, I also got a supperrrrrr cute hoodie from A&F~
Alright alright..time for..
EXCITING NEWSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
okay. So ur prbly going. 'dude...Shirley. calm down. nothing can be that exciting"
uhh welll it IS.
alright, so there's been these two cats that walk by our wall in our backyard nearly everyday. Yesterday, I got one of the cats to come down, fed her some bread, and now she won't go away(: She doesn't have a collar, so i don't think she has an owner...but anyways, she spent the night out in the backyard, and when i came back from school, she was still here~ So yahh, we named her Buttercup(: hehe so pics now yeah?

hehe, she looks so chinky >.< Well this was the only NON-BLURRY shot that I got of her(: right after she drank her water~ Cuz whenever anyone goes near her, she starts moving a lott. But yehh. she's cute huhhH~♥

hahaa so that's about it guyss~ I'll talk to ya'll l8tr! BYEEEE♥

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Knott's Berry Farm, Birthdays, Talent Show + more!

March 6, 2011

hey hey! Two blog posts in a day! wooot! SOrry for not posting as much =/ i've been reallyy realllly REALLLLYY busy with school lately, i'm not gonna lie.
WARNING: A LOT of writing below!
Preface: My friend printed out the tickets online and well..one problem. ALL (except one) of our tickets were for Soak City. NOT Knott's Berry Farm. And so we had to pay the difference. but we got in anyway[: haha my friend said that if i didn't leave her house that early, this would have never had happened bcuz i would have noticed..yeahh i would have[;
I went to Knott's Berry Farm yesterday for my friend's 18th birthday!(: I usually don't go on rollercoasters bcuz you know..death, random inerruptions, sudden stops, heights...etc(: But my friends made it a goal to get me on the rides -.- hahaha and they succeeded! And i'm love rollercoasters now~ ahaha of course I didn't go on perilous plunge or supreme scream yet...maybe i never will? haha We went on the Log Ride first bcuz the line was short and it didn't seem so bad. and it wasnt! I didn't get too wet so that was niceee. The only "scary" part was when you drop down at the end. but that's about it. haha. And then we went to GHOSTRIDER where they kept reminding me that it was the only ride that didn't have anything bad happen to it. haha i got a headache from that ride...it was okay~ My head kept banging down. haha so the picture, my friend's hands were up and covering me, and you can just see the top of my head...But as we were going up I was going "OMG OMG OMG OMG WE'RE SO HIGH UP. OMG OMG OMG OMG" ^_^ The little girl in front of me was completely silent and fine -.- brave girl. brave girl.
SO THEN, we went and watched a showw @ Mystery Lodge which was rlly coool(= And then we went on the Pony Express  bcuz the line was shortt and it looked interestingg...and it lasted around 20 seconds too. While we were in line, we saw Big Foot Rapids next to us and there was absolutely NO ONE on them for like 10 rafts -.- so we were like "We should go now!" but one of my friends didn't want to get wet and stuff. Soo we decided to go there after Pony Express BUT when we got there the line was long again. so that was saddd, cuz i really wanted to go on that...
AFTER; we went on the uhh...hmm..hold on...OH! SILVER BULLET! Which is like my favorite ride @ Knott's now bcuz it's just such a calm ride when your actually on it. When you're looking at it, it looks terrifying (believe me. I know. I was the one screaming @ my friends telling them i'm gonna die). So at first I closed my eyes but after a while, i was like ohh what the heck. And it was SO FUN! It was much like Pony Express except longer and with turns and stuff. I got a slight headache and was dizzy after that -.- My friends wanted to go on the Boomerang but I decided to sit out on that one~

hehe so yeah~ That was yesterday for my friend's bday! I got her like the best present ever. It was a Kakashi plushie(: And she's like in love with it. hahaha she's gonna bring it to school in her laptop bag and stuff (she's a senior in high school!) But her school's cool like that and no one would really judge her^-^ haha so yeh~

THE TALENT SHOW was on Friday and it was AH-MAZING! SOOO much fun! There were a lot of singers; THEY WERE SO GOOOOD♥ The last act was really cool too~

My friend (the one who turned 18) and I are going to be making more Oreo Truffles on Friday and I'll try to record it; make a tutorial(; Yay? Nay? Lemme know!  Oreo truffles are the best things invented B) like..seriously. no joke.

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EOS Lip Balm Review♥

So I recently received the EOS lip balm in my package from WalMart(: AND I WAS SOOO EXCITED! I've heard SO many good reviews on this and i just HAD to try it for myself! ^-^
I got the scent Summer Fruit and the packaging is really cute. The color is pink/red/coral like. The lip balm is very mosturizing and i would definitely recommend this! The scent smells a lot like passion fruit but it's a really light scent. I wanted the honeydew (green) one but Walmart didn't have it~ oh well.
The top of the lip balm has the words "eos" on them.

When you twist it, it pops right off. The balm is in a circular shape.

A close up on the lip balm...
Please remember that everything I wrote about this product is my own opinion. Leave a comment below telling me what you think of this product! Thanks for reading!

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