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May 22, 2011

was up~~~
i am shirley's friend, wait not best friend, wait no way, it is TRUE friends.
wait wait wait... IT'S SISTERS~~ yea yea u got that ppl?

shirley is bugging me about how i should like like write about meself so i shall

i am bored..
yes i am
that is who i am and how i roll

dont hate just love <3

I know you love me i know you care~ :D
lol jkay

im getting why to high on this.

ok ppls as you know i am kool
plain kool
later ppls. I shall meet u again.

---ahem ahem---
please excuse my "sister's" spelling errors and capitalization. hahaha, (:
Well~ Farewell my readers♥ Cya in the next post!

& Mimi

A Magical Night

Top: Wal-Mart
Skirt: Forever 21
Blazer: Forever 21
Shoes: Mom's
Bag: Ross

Helloooooooooo! Hellooooo to my cousinsss if they're reading this >.<
ahahha, well I had to go to this wedding dinner tonight, so I was supposed to dress "formally". Or well, more formal than I usually dress. So I just paired a skirt with my v-neck tucked in, and my LOOOOVEEEly blazer on top(; With nude wedges, except I opted for my neon pink high tops in the end because I was disgusted with my hideous sock tan -.-. I love the skiiiiirt(: Such beautiful florals, but it's like...tie-dye tooo(: At first when I bought it, I was thinking Tribal print. But now that I look at it closely, it's not!
Today was also my cousin's prom night(: YAYYYY! I HOPE YOU HAD FUNNN♥ of course I have  lot of picturess....but I don't know if she wants me to put them up...but she looks very very pretty(: Her sister did her makeupp~ And me and my cousin were just there to keep them companyyy!

Ahhh yes, the wedding dinner...we got goodies[:

:] Beautiful, no? We got chocolate and these wristlets that you can put on your camera or cellphone..except I can't even get it past my hand...

Well I gotta run! Byee~


Suddenly Darling(:

May 20, 2011

I've recently found this website when I was browsing on a fellow blogger's site.
I clicked on it and i FELL.IN.LOVE.

site---> Suddenly Darling

Now what it's about is just a site where you earn points that you can use to get clothing, accessories, and even gift cards! It's a lovely website and there's ALWAYS something to do! So check it out and sign up!

*This was NOT a sponsored post*


A New Start

May 16, 2011

Top: Abercrombie
Bottoms: Ross
Shoes: Journeys
Scarf: Forever 21
Jacket: Ross (Levi's)

Hellooo my lovely readers♥ oh. so in love with this outfit(: I went to Forever 21 yesterday and had a list of items that I was on the hunt for. I ended up buying items with tribal prints, and LOTS of florals. And this scarf was one of them! I was actually looking for a floral scarf, so when I saw it sitting there at Forever21, I snatched it up immediatly {last one too(:}.
Well wellllllllll enjooooooy my loveees♥


Cooking with Shhh(: Butterbeer cupcakes♥

May 15, 2011

hey guys! On Saturday, 5-14-11, I went over to my friend's house to bake some butterbeer cupcakes! ohh yumm(: I took some pictures of the process, so I hope you enjoy! We were actually supposed to make the ganache to put it inside the cupcake, but ended up not being able to =( THEREFORE, we weren't able to make the frosting either, since it required the ganache. But, the cupcakes turned out pretty well too(:

um..yeah. you do not want to see how this was before -.- My friend and I were freaking out because we thought we were doing something wrong...(:

...and then came the result. We were instantly relieved and saw that we didn't do anything wrong. *whew*

ooooh. the suspense...

VOILA! Delicious Masterpiece(:
It's beautiful, no?
We used this recipe--> Butterbeer Cupcakes

I wanted some Cream Soda...

...and accidentally shook it -.-

=O I was so amazed at this lightin(; I was helping my friend film for a scholarshipp. yuup. Sorry if I blinded you...
alrighty, ta-ta for now my loves(:


Friday the 13th + Paige Renae(:

Isn't this belt the bomb?


Top: Ross
Cardigan: Old Navy
Jeans: Wal-Mart
Belt: Ross
Shoes: Flats-Payless
Wedges-forgot..Mom's closet?

Friday the 13th...was on Friday. Yes, I realize that it's a Sunday. However, I haven't had the chance to post this outfit up, so here we go(:

Background: I woke up today (Friday) and had a sudden urge to wear my flare jeans. Weird? I suppose. But then came the thought of how to wear it. The idea? Mixing patterns (in this case, floral, stripes, and I guess animal print). The first outfit with the flats is the one I wore to school, but when I went home, I decided to be a little more daring and change to wedges. Off to dinner I went with my family, in my mom's nude wedges(;

I actually bumped into my friend, Paige, when I was in Wal-Mart(:
I was in the soda pop section and was so focused on finding Cream Soda (no luck) that when Paige said hi, I must have looked like a deer caught headlights(: hahaha, i LOVEd her outfit from that day, so I hope she posts it(; ahhh yes my lovelies! Here's her blog. She's amazingggg. Not afraid to show her own style(:


Harry Potter♥

sorry for that forced smile...i was pretty uh..stressed -.-''


Top: Wal-Mart
Bottoms: Ross
Scarf: Orlando, Florida - The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Shoes: Ross (Guess)

oh yes. this post is..what...a week late? sighh. I took this picture a while ago..pretty sure it was a week ago, but I still love it(: SO ENJOY~~~

background: If you're wondering where I got the scarf--well then. ASK NO MORE! I shall reveal the secret(; I went to Orlando, Florida a while back, but couldn't get this scarf because it was sold out. EVERYWHERE. Soooo, when my friend's robotics team made it to championships (which was located in Orlando), she asked if they could get two scarves (one for her, one for me). soo Voila! That's how I got it(: lovely isn't it? smells quite magical. The plain vibrant purple v-neck is just something that, i thought, went really well with the scarf(: {side note: the last picture took 9 takes. no joke. and I got a cut from my bike on my knee -.-}

Enjoy, enjoy? yehhh *high fives*


Hi, I know you! I? (Please excuse the rambling)

May 10, 2011

Hi my loves♥
I apologize dearly for the lack of posts! These two weeks have been full of tests and homework. ARGH! And I'm almost done! Which means daily (hopefully) posts for you guys! yay! right? Nevertheless, I still took some pictures! (see? Even when I'm testing the test that will literally determine the college I go to, I still think of you!) Those outfits (or well..that outfit) will be in the next post! I also have some awesome exciting news too! Which is...thatt....
IDEA: I'm going to be having "Monthly Obsessions" post where I list things that I've been OBSESSED with that month. Whether it's a clothing item, food, etc. It's going to be there! (I'm going to write one soon! Because I can't wait! ^-^)

So what have I been doing these past two weeks? Ahh, well, other than studying my butt off, I was also munching on some  yummies. OH!
I've also been playing around with my adorable lil' kitty(; Ahhhh...'ere she is! 
Isn't she adorable? She was in the middle of rolling over(: She's such a doggg. haha♥

Ahh(: Good times~ haha (P.S. She says "Meow" to you guys. ahh yes. My cat holds magnificent powers)

Meanwhile, I've also been really interested in DIY projects. I've found SO many, and I'm so excited to show you all! I've made one already, and although most are jewelry, I don't mind! (: Here are some pictures. I made some feather earrings. Since they are so popular nowadays, I thought. Why not make them? Now now, before I get you all excited. No. I did not get my ears pierced yet. =( But my cousin and I are planning to over the summer. YAYY! ^-^

Okay now. They look much cuter in person. Trust me. But aren't they all so cute!? The ones on the far left are ones that I made my mom for Mother's Day(: The others are just some that I made for myself(; Fun right!? I'll make a tutorial on how to make them later! (I used this video: Feather Earrings DIY!){All my materials were bought at Wal-Mart and Michaels) Good luck! DIY on these earrings coming soon!
THOSE were super frustrating to make at first. but in the end, I was happy with my results(: I'll be making a LOT of DIYs this Spring/Summer. So I hope you look forward to that!

hmm..not much else is there? Well, please look forward to my new posts! Farewell my lovely readers♥



May 1, 2011

*surprised looK* LOL~ Love my baggg(:

*look at your shoes, look at your shoes*

hahah, there's my messy desk.
OH LOOk! The beautiful flower I was given(:

SO SO SOOOo~ I APOLOGIZE for the rush of these pictures because I was in a hUGE rush to my friend's house (picking her up for an event), so I literally put my camera on my tripod, snapped some pictures, ran back to my camera, deleted the pictures that didn't turn out well, and ran back to take the rest >.<



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