Let's end 2011 with a bang

December 31, 2011

Hi my beautifuls! So I was going to post an outfit post, but I can't seem to get the picture to my phone -_- and i don't have a computer right now so I decided to post this one first. First off, 2011 has been fairly good to me(:
So many things have happened to me this year.

-starting this blog!
-meeting and having the friends I have today(:
-meeting Jason Chen
-therefore, due to ISA, meeting Wong Fu<3, Ryan Higa<33, Kevin Wu (KevJumba), Cathy Nguyen, Chester See, Abraham Lim, David Choi, Jason Chen, Far East Movement, so. many. more. 
-just GOING to ISA made my life. haha
-knowing what i want and who my true friends are
-avoiding unnecessary drama
-being happy
-oh...getting tumblr addicted<3

What has happened to you this 2011? 


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