My Week in Pictures

April 13, 2012

Hi lovelies! I wanted to put up a new post over Spring Break, but laziness took over me and I didn't want to do any outfit posts. So I decided to show you guys some pictures that I've taken from my phone lately. I have a crazy obsession with taking random pictures and I decided to put it in use! Enjoy!

Swim meets have taken over my social life for the past few months. 

School video projects are always fun(=

Editing editing editing..

Sleepovers in the ghetto tent<3


Dim sum 

Boba. 'Nuff said. 
Fluff Ice<3

Hope you enjoyed and you're doing well! Enjoy your Spring Break! I'm off to finish some extra credit assignments before I get back to school, goodbye!


Make Up Your Mind

April 2, 2012

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