One Quarter + Lessons Learned

December 21, 2015

college, college tips, what I learned at college

It's hard to believe that my first quarter of college is officially over. I went through the most stress that I have ever endured last week, slaving over my copious amount of notes (note to self: STOP WRITING SO MANY NOTES), and constantly reminding myself that I had to get a 4.0, I just absolutely had to (no I didn't). Now that that is over and I most definitely do not have a 4.0, I'm finally on winter break! 

I grew a lot over the past few months, and I thought I'd use this post to talk about some of the lessons that have helped me.

college, college tips, what I learned at college, flowers
Lesson #1: Fresh flowers & a clean space is the key to sanity

If you know me, you'd know that I have an affinity for plants. I find that plants not only liven up a small space and provide some nice company, but also provide a bright and cozy aura that's inimitable. I started the year off with four little succulents, whom are all accounted for and alive, but have now added weekly bouquets to the mix. The one pictured above was actually the first one! I love the autumn vibe it was able to provide, and was so sad when the flowers started to wilt. 
Fresh flowers and greenery are so essential to my dorm room now! Being able to take care of something else, gives me happiness, and it honestly makes me feel more at home. 

college, college tips, what I learned at college
Lesson #2: It's the little moments that stand out

In this picture, I'm sitting in a car with two people that I've only known for four days, driving back from a bonfire where we met even more people that I never talked to again. This is one of my favorite pictures because of the gorgeous sunset and also because it's so fun to look back at how most of my friendships began.
Take time to appreciate the small tidbits of your day that make you happy. Freeze that moment in time with a picture, write it down, draw it out, whatever your heart desires.

Lesson #3: Be open

Be open to meeting new people. As an introvert, it was extremely hard for me to be social all day and night, especially during the first week. All I wanted to do at the end of the day was shut the door and be in complete silence. But it pays off to make the effort. 

college, college tips, what I learned at college, sunset
college, college tips, what I learned at college, sunset
Lesson #4: When in doubt- look up.

I find that the sky never lets me down. When I'm feeling extremely stressed or tired, I love looking out of my window to the beautiful sunset, a cloudy fog, or even just a clear blue sky. It makes me feel tiny, which reminds me that my problems are little compared to the vast universe that I occupy. The problems I have today will be irrelevant five years from now. It's all in a matter of perspective.


These are just a few of the many lessons that I have learned over the past few months. Another great tip is to relax after a quarter or semester of hard work. You deserve it! I'm currently finishing up this post at 1:45 a.m. in Palm Springs. A group of my closest friends and I decided to head over, rent an Airbnb, and spend just a few days here. If you aren't already, you can follow me on my Instagram to stay updated, if you'd like! 
With that being said, I'm off to bed!! What are some lessons that you've learned during your college career, or what lessons would you want to learn?

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